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  1. Well, this is not how St*ff*rd advise. 😥
  2. I can confirm that the blower was running at idle stop engaged while A/C was on. I felt that the compressor wasn't engaged at that time. What previously happened may be that the compressor had engaged almost fulltime due to poor cooling, though I did not feel "hot" the compressor may have been working overtime to keep me "cool".
  3. The important point is, do not jump into conclusion to replace the battery just because Idle Stop does not engage.
  4. @Dee Jay, Idle stop does not get engaged always, I guess that is when compressor is running. During idle engine stop, engine restarts when compressor is needed for cooling. It's logical, isn't it.
  5. Thanks @Devinda_Z for the contact. By the way I took the car to Nedimala place where @misnad got it done. It was the same job, but cost me 15K more, as they explained prices have gone up due to limited imports and demand (+ high prices charged at dealers). I did not change the gas type though it was full replace. I got done my service at St*ff*rd last time (was my first full service from them), agent noted me that Idle Stop has stopped responding due to weak battery and it needed replacing. It of course did not respond after that. I got my battery checked from my regular place (in Wadduwa) to find that it was not that weak (he said you can run some more). Now after the A/C repair, Idle Stop responds as before. Well, this could be expected; but @misnad's finding that break pads could affect is interesting.
  6. To all different concerns of replacing r1234yf with r134a, I would like to add below which shows that latter is slightly more efficient in cooling as I understand. https://www.researchgate.net/publication/251667758_A_brief_performance_comparison_of_R1234yf_and_R134a_in_a_bench_tester_for_automobile_applications Well, this came up as my A/C gave up a day after I took my car out after lockdown. I was reading your posts and found useful info. I am from Wadduwa (closest is Panadura), and did not find any place near me mentioned. I am thinking of taking to where @misnad got it done. A friend mentioned about A*co in Jubilee Post Road. Any experience there? According to this, two can be mixed, can't they?
  7. Is this suitable for Civic? I mean it is not among the recommended oil in owner's manual (at least in mine).
  8. Isn't the cost difference too marginal even to consider the alternative?
  9. Seems that they've solved it. It seems to have been a common issue around for a while. Sent from my AGS-L09 using AutoLanka.com mobile app powered by Tapatalk
  10. I've been observant for a while and such thing did not occur in mine. As per your explanation, it is likely to be due to expansion of some part due to heat, isn't it? Did you try with not pushing the shutter all the way up, but pushing only a little into the groove?
  11. How do you know they are actually original Garmin maps? Sent from my AGS-L09 using AutoLanka.com mobile app powered by Tapatalk
  12. I replaced my earlier SL map got down from MapMania with the map I got from OSM Garming Map Generator. I chose to download the Generic Routable (new style) map, it has bit of additional information such as one way arrows. I can confirm that new map performs better than MapMania map I had given earlier in this thread; especially the new one is very much better in searching POIs. Thanks @Insedious for sharing this.
  13. The spec here states that Mobil Super 3000 XE 5W-30 is ACEA C3. According to this C3 has higher HTHS viscosity than C2. But both C2 and C3 has mid-SAPS levels. So, what is the effect? slight drop in fuel economy?
  14. What is the map you use? Is it OSM or Garmin? Sent from my AGS-L09 using AutoLanka.com mobile app powered by Tapatalk
  15. Most services use recycled water. The guy doing detailing told me that this has been a source of damage to paint and other parts of many vehicles. Any comment? Anybody know if Stafford use recycled water? BTW, I don't want to get a body wash from them. But, there is no other way of getting an undercarriage wash other than from a service.😟
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