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  1. Hi , I have a Nissan note e power 2017 and I changed the oil at 5k km with 0w 20 engine oil (recommended oil as per the owners manual) I want to know how often I need to change the oil since A*W gives me various replies when I check with them My running conditions Per month I do 1400km Driving condition morning hours moderate traffic on Colombo negombo road circa 45mins drive time, after office return via katunayke highway moderate to heavy traffic within Colombo and at high way speed capped at 80 to 90. Drive time 45mins to 60mins Purpose to commute to office Ist case A*W said every 5k oil change 2nd check A*W said 6.5k oil change 3rd check A*W said every 7.5k oil change So I am confused what to do, could not find any data on Google too thus reaching out for a some technical expertise view I know fully synthetic oil such as 0w 20 can go up to 10k oil change interval but what would be best and realistic , there is no stress to the e power engine since it will only charge the battery at the sweet spot when the battery drains down while supports in full at aggressive drive to charge the battery concurrently Looking forward for a reply
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