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  1. DRK

    Honda vezel 2018

    Gear box issue? I assume u are talking about the dual clutch issue! well there is no issue if u take care of the vehicle maintenance while keeping it in mind that u re driving in Sri Lanka, not Japan! There are several posts relating to this matter and I suggest u read them also. As long as the new vezel RS comes with CVT transmission, I see correlation with "gear box issues" which people faced with previous models. The dual clutch transmission is faster than conventional autos or manuals, This is why Honda incorporated it but eventually it was busted here in SL due to our lack of knowledge with DCT. cheers
  2. DRK

    3D carpets?

    any recommendations? thanks
  3. DRK

    3D carpets?

    Actually the carpets on top of the 3D carpets comes with the package. cheers
  4. DRK

    3D carpets?

    Thanks for the update mate.
  5. DRK

    3D carpets?

    The coil carpets do come with package so no extra cost in that. Anyway I highly doubt that material will tear or wear off with excessive use. Still doing my research on this matter
  6. DRK

    3D carpets?

    Hello, I'm thinking of putting a set of 3D carpets ( stitched ones, leather like material) and just wondered if anyone here has had a bad experience with them. My vehicle is a vezel RS 2018 model and I got quotes ranging from RS 13,500 up to RS 17,000 from local dealers. Is it better than 3m carpets? or is it pass? Cheers