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  1. samhon

    Winker Mirror Not Folding - Honda FD1

    Thanks Jason_Bourne. Not really a fan of DIY but d go for it no other help available but stafford. Great vedio and helpful lead for SPs. Will call them n check.
  2. samhon

    Winker Mirror Not Folding - Honda FD1

    Thanks , I did some googling and many shows the problem that you just described. But in your case, I think you should be able hear the small humming of the motor running when the switch is pressed. In my case I hear nothing. So my worst fear is the motor got damaged. planned to check on Saturday. fingers X d.
  3. samhon

    Winker Mirror Not Folding - Honda FD1

    Thanks Noddy. Will try that.
  4. Friends, Kindly suggest me a place to repair one of my Honda Civic FD1 - passenger side side mirror which is not folding. I can not hear any sound from the motor but the day before it stopped working, there was a rattling sound when folding.Driver side works just fine. Seems like what Stafford does is just replacing. Please suggest me a place or any helpful advice. Around Colombo, Mount Lavinia. ( I searched whole forum and found few articles but failed to find a name of a place).
  5. samhon

    Honda Expert

    Wasantha - Galwihara road ( behind the zoo) - is an ok guy . ( but charges are extremely reasonable and he tries to do it as less costly as possible ). , I ve seen repairing all the models up to FDs. But not seen doing the latest. My EK3 for 10 years looked after mostly by him. charges are very reasonable. Good for running repairs, acceptable for engine repairs. , paint jobs and electrical stuff , better to avoid him - this is my personal opinion. Now I have a FD1 and wondering if I should continue with him. - do you have any recommendations ? I already have a winker mirror not folding issue. Thanks,.