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    Toyota vitz 1999-2001

    Thanks, that's the thread I was referring to. I find those figures really absurd. If you're looking for driving style as a factor for the fuel consumption, it's a driving style that gets 11-12 kmpl out of those two cars. (Corolla 121 1.3L, Corolla AE100 1.5L) So any guesses on what might be the fuel consumption for this one? Is 15-16 unreasonable? AE100 had done like 180000km and 121 had done like 125000km when I took those figures. Vitz cars I have found are in the 120000-150000km range. Also, the car I'm referring to has a 3 cylinder 1000 cc VVTi engine and a five speed manual gear box. I'm not sure about the nomenclature but obviously not something with 4 cylinders and 4 speeds. Thanks in advance.
  2. Indrajith Gamage

    Toyota vitz 1999-2001

    Hi, after some considerations, I'm thinking about buying a Toyota vitz 1999-2001 model as my first car. Any personal users of the 1000 cc manual? Is it good? Every foreign site lists it with atleast 15 kmpl, and saying it's actually a very good car even after 15 or so years of use. This is the reason I considered it in the first place. However, I'm confused with what I found here. I have done searches here and I'm all confused about certain facts like fuel economy. I have seen many people quoting figures like 7-8 kmpl. Isn't that simply absurd for a small 1 ton car? We had a 2002 Toyota Corolla 121 1300cc & 1994 Toyota Corolla AE100 1500cc as family cars and they consistently did more than 11 kmpl. Is there something wrong with the vitz? I thought it was an excellent choice for the price range. ~2 million. Especially considering it was the replacement for starlet which was already a great car. Reliability and fuel economy is my biggest concern since I'm buying it on 5 year lease and hope to use for all those years without major problems. Are your personal experiences different from what I have heard from other foreign sites? Any other suggestions?
  3. Indrajith Gamage

    2-5 year old Indian/Chinese or 20-25 old Japanese

    Hi, so any suggestions of a European model within budget and similar maintenance cost? ?
  4. Indrajith Gamage

    2-5 year old Indian/Chinese or 20-25 old Japanese

    Thanks. So do you have any recommendations on a car? I like the idea of a korean one, any suggestions of a good model? ?
  5. Indrajith Gamage

    2-5 year old Indian/Chinese or 20-25 old Japanese

    They seem like between 2.1 and 2.3 million right? ?
  6. Indrajith Gamage

    2-5 year old Indian/Chinese or 20-25 old Japanese

    Thanks. But aren't the European models really costly to maintain? (atleast ones within my budget) Spares are said to be really expensive and hard to find even, for some models. Haven't given a thought about Korean ones. Could you please inform me of some models that are comparable to Mazda Familia BJ5P or Honda city? (in comfort, reliability, space, fuel economy etc)
  7. Hi, so I'm new here and loved reading some great explanations from many. I'm here to ask for similar help on a specific issue that I couldn't find a good answer to. I would like to buy a car and the budget is 1.8-2 million. I was scouring for options and first thing I came up was the Geely Mx7 Mark II. It's within budget and seems like I can get a 4-5 year old one with reasonable options. I also hear that while the interior is not very sturdy, the important parts like the drive train etc are based on a toyota corolla, and even fits corolla parts. (I know the corolla as a really reliable car since our family had AE100 and 121) I also thought about some 2-3 year old Altos which I got to know as reliable and good for hard use as well, and quite fuel efficient, but they are not in anyway safe or comfortable, and really cramped. So would like to avoid it unless there's really no better option. Other option is older Japanese cars. The one I set my sights is a Mazda Familia BJ5P, which actually looks really good, comfortable and spacious, while everyone says Mazdas are very reliable. I found several within budget eith YOM 2000-2002. I loved Hondas as well, especially Civics, but ones within budget are 1996 or so, so guess I'll avoid those. (Same with Toyotas) People say the Honda Citys are good as well, I'd like to know whether they are so actually, since they are assembled elsewhere than Japan. I found several with Vtec engines with YOM 1999-2001. Is it true that 20 year old Japanese cars are better than 2-5 year old Indian or Chinese cars? ? So could you help me out here. What I need is a spacious, reliable and a reasonably safe car. Fuel economy 10+ in city and 13+ outstations is fine. What I really would like to decide between is, Geely MX7 MARK II (2013-2014) MADZA FAMILIA BJ5P (2000-2002) HONDA CITY VTEC (1999-2001) Any good alternative suggestions are welcome as well. Thanks