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  1. Hello everybody, We bought a Nissan AD wagon VY10 (1999) recently. The locking mechanism on fuel door is missing. In this car both the fuel door lock and back door lock works from same cable. Therefore now I am looking for a complete set of cables and locking mechanisms. As i found FB12,FB13,Pulsar on same years (1990s) have the same kind of mechanisms. Do you know any place to find one? .Your advice is highly appreciated. Thank you.
  2. Hello everybody, Do anyone have Nissan AD wagon Y10 users/owners manual in electronic or printed media? Thank you.
  3. Hello guys, we are going to buy a new car max budget is 1.3m.should be auto and petrol. Hyundai accent 1.5,2001 Nissan Ad wagon VY10 1.3,1997 we have an accent 1.3,2001,manual in family and as a example for maintenance cost Rs.8000 for front CV joints, Rs.12000 for MAF sensor etc. What i need to know is how about the maintenance cost (parts) of AD wagon comparable to the accent? Thank you
  4. Yap yap.. 😁😁😁.. I have serched everywhere to get good advice to choose a car for my brother.(he is ruining the family car 2001 accent 😅😅) Thank you for the advice. Finally we have decided to buy a viva elite 2011/12 premium model.
  5. Hey, can you recommend EP91 to do 3000km+ per month.?..
  6. Hey, what is your opinion on buying EP91 to do 3000km+ per month?.. Reliability?.
  7. Thank very much for your detailed answer. I am looking for a petrol. Is that CS Series lancers can do good on my aspects?.. (3000+ per month) (fuel economy average is accepted because have a fuel allowance of 30k.)
  8. Hello guys, Need an advice on buying a car under 2M 1. Need to drive 3000km+ per month (reliable) 2.Easy maintenance (good parts+mechanics availability) those are the main requirements. Looking fwd for a answer. Thank you
  9. Have done a full service. Now the leak is reduced. Planing to replace seals near feauture. Thank you all.
  10. Thankz for the detailed answer. I think its better to do a compression test as you suggested. Can you recommend a place near Kadawatha-Nittabuwa area and how much it cost in average?..
  11. I have hyundai accent 2001 1.3. My problem is the engine oil levels are decrease fast (have to add 1l after 1-1.5months/about 1000km). One mechanic says there is a leak from crank oil seal and tappet cover but another one says those leaks are not considerable and the problem is oil burns due to engine wear. (145000km). The oil satrted to decrease that fast was started after about 2 months of 1st service after we bought the car. Any idea guys?. Thank you.
  12. Do anyone can compare fuel consumption of elentra with accent(1.5,auto)?.. Same or higher?.. Currently we have a 2001 accent 1.3 manual but need to buy an auto.
  13. Hey guys.. We bought a 2001 accent 1.3 manual for 12k and it is comfotable also mechanical parts are not rare and affordable.(replaced cv joints, brake pads, some belts). This car is doing good on fuel as it does 13-14 on daily runs (Mawanella, Kandy) and it did 17km/l in our trip to Anuradapura.My advice is to any new buyer, buy it with confidence and look for a one with maintenance records.
  14. iRu

    Hyundai Accent

    😂😂😂... Don't get advices from these kind of 'siyalladath' guys who haven't used a accent. We have hyundai accent 1.3,2001,manual one. It is comfortable than any of indian cars including swift beetle.it has very good space in interior and trunk. Very good running. Good handling and good acceleration. Anyone willing to expect the comfotability of 2M car from 1.2M car...... What to say😂😂😂
  15. I found the ACCENT one on ebay and it is a genuine Hyundai one.Therefore hyundai has sold them seperatly. But couldn't find HYUNDAI one. Could find a plenty of metal(actually ABS) Emblems, but orijinally they have come with models after 2003. They'll add a better look to the car but the originality of the car is the matter. What you guys think about it?
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