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    How to Drive a New Car

    For a new vehicle is it ok to drive on the highway at 70-80km? or should we avoid going on long distances at the same speed?
  2. Antonfdo

    How to Drive a New Car

    Thanx Bro for the info. I am curious, If the car doesn't have a tachometer (which I think a vitz ksp130 doesn't have), am I supposed to gauge the RPM with my instincts?
  3. Antonfdo

    How to Drive a New Car

    Hi Guys, First let me say that I am new to this group, so go easy on my stupid question :). I am planning to buy a brand new vitz (1000cc) with 0 millage. My question is, I keep hearing different opinions on how to drive the first 1000km, the speed etc etc. Any suggestions on how to start driving it? What is the recommended amount of acceleration? top speed? breaking etc etc? For how long should I follow the above? What will happen if I don't follow the above? Thank you in advance BR Anton