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  1. Antonfdo

    Advice on First Service - Toyota Vitz

    Thanx for the Comment. Does anyone have any experience with SBT? For Sterlin they have their own service stations, But for SBT I think they have outsourced it to a number of entities. Was wondering would it be worth to keep the SBT warranty (By doing the services with them) or go with Toyota Lanka.
  2. Hi, I have a Toyota vitz 2018, right now the mileage is around 1300Km. I brought this under SBT warranty. Going through forums I hear various opinions on when/how to do the first service. Therefore appreciate if you guys can help me out on the following concerns I have, Which mileage should I do the first service? Should I go with SBT since it is under warranty or should I go with Toyota Lanka? What is the best SBT partner station to get the service done around Panadura Since this is a petrol vehicle does the warranty have a value? Thanx in Advance Anton
  3. Antonfdo

    Tire Pressure - Vitz KSP130

    Thanx Guys
  4. Antonfdo

    Tire Pressure - Vitz KSP130

    Hi, For a Vitz (KSP130) What is the Tire pressure for the front and rear tires? What does the following image say? Thanx in Advance Anton
  5. Antonfdo

    DBA - KSP130 Gears

    Hi, If this question sounds stupid let me first of all apologize for it. I recently bought a Vitz 2018 SE2 Car. Can someone tell me what does the D-S and the B gear positions mean? What occasions can they be used for? I have attached a photo for reference. Thanks in Advance Anton
  6. Antonfdo

    How to Drive a New Car

    For a new vehicle is it ok to drive on the highway at 70-80km? or should we avoid going on long distances at the same speed?
  7. Antonfdo

    How to Drive a New Car

    Thanx Bro for the info. I am curious, If the car doesn't have a tachometer (which I think a vitz ksp130 doesn't have), am I supposed to gauge the RPM with my instincts?
  8. Antonfdo

    How to Drive a New Car

    Hi Guys, First let me say that I am new to this group, so go easy on my stupid question :). I am planning to buy a brand new vitz (1000cc) with 0 millage. My question is, I keep hearing different opinions on how to drive the first 1000km, the speed etc etc. Any suggestions on how to start driving it? What is the recommended amount of acceleration? top speed? breaking etc etc? For how long should I follow the above? What will happen if I don't follow the above? Thank you in advance BR Anton