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  1. It was arround RS. 8000/=
  2. Sorry to bump up old thread again, but I think this issue might exists for both Suzuki Swift 2017 and 2018 models (RS, ML hybrid and non hybrid). As mentioned above in this thread I got this issue resolved at A*W (I got this ratlling noice in lower speeds (below 20 kmh) drive at small ditched road such as concrete roads.) repair center, what they had done is replace the grease inside the rack since existing one is not suitable (Melting) for SL temperature and they do recalibrate the stearing rack. It cost me below 10k with wheel alignment. I got this issue when vehicle @ 1500 km and had done the repair on 8200 Km so far I have driven more than 3000Km and issue is not came up again.
  3. Anyone could able to resolve this issue.