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  1. Hi,

    Do you know any universities or institutes that provide degrees (preferably Masters) on Automotive engineering in Sri Lanka? I know of two, CINEC and ICBT. I'm currently living abroad so my methods of research are limited. 

    1. Davy


      Hi, I only knew of ICBT. I'm also abroad, so have little knowledge about this. Members on the forum will respond to your question. Give it some time.

  2. Abdul Aziz

    Automobile Engineering

    Isn't Automotive engineering a bigger branch when compared to Automobile engineering? Both are similar according to forums that i have seen. But they say automobile is about everything that has an engine and runs on wheels, whereas Automotive is everything related to an automobile, in a sense all that is part of an automobile. Well I don't intend to design cars, I though the knowledge that I'd from such a course would help me fix and/or modify cars. Besides, I'm only sort of left with Sri Lanka as an option. I've found institutes that provide a degree for Automotive Engineering, CINEC provides a masters in automotive engineering, ICBT provides Bachelor's i guess. Those were the only two options I had found in Sri Lanka. Since I'm currently living abroad my only methods of research is online, relatives and some peers who live in SL. Are there any other places that provide degrees? You could lookup the websites of the institutes i mentioned for more details.
  3. Abdul Aziz

    Automobile Engineering

    Hi, I've finished my ALs abroad and am looking for universities or institutes that provide a degree (preferably a masters) for Automotive Engineering in Sri Lanka. My priority is to try for a university but from what I've obtained through research online.. I could only find institutes that provided degrees, mainly CINEC and ICBT. Are there any more options avaible? Everyones opinion is appreciated.
  4. Abdul Aziz

    Automobile Engineering

    Are there courses for automotive engineering in Open University too?