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  1. kadsa98

    CB400 legal registration issue

    I agree! I used to have that mentality that indian bikes suck haha but I test rode a NS200 in 2017 and I loved the bike and bought it on the spot! That's very interesting to know you have a Dominar here! I've only ever seen one and it was on the kesbewa bypass road, a BEX numbered one I think. Post some pictures if you can! What about parts for the bike? No issue there?
  2. kadsa98

    CB400 legal registration issue

    Yeah unfortunately that is the risk you have to take when running a bike with 'unconventional' docs, that's also sort of the reason why I don't ride it as much as I used to haha Yes the NS does have some vibration but overall I didn't really notice it unless I was paying attention to it. If you can wait a year maybe you can pick up a FZ25 that has already hit the depreciation curve. The RC series KTM's are literally race bikes LOL. Of course they're going to be uncomfortable to ride. Even the new yamaha R15 looks quite aggressive on the seating position.
  3. kadsa98

    CB400 legal registration issue

    Yeah! Mine is the spec 3 model and yes your friend is correct, these days most cops and RMV officials know MC numbers are from hornets and if they catch your bike running forged docs you will definitely loose the bike! I have been stopped by cops before and the main thing they are concerned about is if you're running false docs. Fortunately for me on my book the bike name is CB4 and the only illegal thing on my bike is the "250cc" part on the book which most cops understand and usually will let it go (If you're skilled enough ). Also getting insurance for my bike is a major pain in the ass as most insurers know about the engine capacity thing so sometimes I get rejected for renewal. TBH I don't know all that well about the tu250 bikes but a reliable 250 would be either a newer reg klx250 or something. Most bikes in SL are abused so try to find one in good nick. You can always tell how well the bike has been maintained by looking at it's chain as most kids that ride here don't know the first thing about proper chain maintenance. You can also consider the Pulsar NS200. I used a 2017 model year bike for about a year and it was great (Used mostly for travel within the city and the occasional long distance stint). Lot's of power for overtaking but a bit lacking on the low end, you have to rev it to go fast. A new bike also depends on what you use it for so if it's daily riding, get something comfortable and economical. I would genuinely consider the NS200 as its a pretty good bike and parts are super cheap as well. (If you have the whole "Indian bikes are shit" idea then it would not be the bike for you). Also maybe try to test ride the new FZ250? I personally have no clue if its good or bad but online reviews claim that it's got a lot of torque. Stay away from KTM bikes if you want reliability after 5000km LOL
  4. kadsa98

    CB400 legal registration issue

    I have a 250cc reg cb400 and have had no issues with the cops so far. Although I do ride it extremely rarely like maybe once a year rarely haha. AFAIK there is no way to get the registration updated unless the government runs a reg campaign like they did in 2013/2014....
  5. kadsa98

    Toyota Premio 260 GearBox Repair

    Remembered this thread when this guy passed me yesterday XD
  6. kadsa98

    Fiat Grande Punto - Correct Radiator

    also check taiyo in mount lavinia they usually have parts for euros
  7. kadsa98

    Laptop Problem

    dude the last entry from this thread was from 2006....
  8. kadsa98

    Vitz 2016 sudden "hiccup"

    It's a common thing for toyota cvt gearboxes. Don't worry about it. My 2012 allion i had did the same (Imported brand new 0 mileage)
  9. kadsa98

    Upcoming drag racing event

    Yup I'll be taking part!
  10. kadsa98

    Journey With The Hiace

    A detailed write up! I have a few questions, What model is the 4wd one? 206? Is the 4wd version available with the petrol engine? what is your model called the Hiace 206 4wd? or a different name?
  11. Hi all, I'm looking to buy an Audi A3 so in order to do so I have to sell my 2000 VW Bora. I'll list out the details below. 00' VW Bora - Mileage - 198,000km Drivetrain - 2 Litre + Manual 5 speed. Condition - Cosmetically ok (being a 19 year old car it has some scratches and dents here and there, nothing major), Mechanically great. Bought the car for 1.6 million and spent around 370k on repairs because I was planning on keeping it for a while however being a manual and me driving it mostly in traffic is not great hence the decision to get a newer car. Mechanically there is nothing wrong, as I got the car I made sure everything was sorted out before driving it. I even have a spare engine (With 40k) ready to be swapped in. What is the current market for this car? I know it's going to be a bit difficult to sell. What can I do to make selling it easier?
  12. kadsa98

    Looking for a used BMW 730Li / 730 - F02

    There is one (KT numbered) at 160 cars. STAY AWAY from it. I know for a fact that the car has been abused. Also avoid the active hybrid models, they are a pain.
  13. kadsa98


    I have a 2000 VW Bora so it's almost 20 years old. On average the car covers 54,000km per year and It's fully insured. Even though you don't use the car much I would get complete coverage just for peace of mind.
  14. kadsa98

    Toyota Allion 260 Unusual Slow Down

    I had a 2012 260 allion and it behaved the same way. It's because of the CVT design. Quite normal.
  15. kadsa98

    Newest Vehicle Colour change Process at RMV

    Thanks alot for the information!