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    APR coilovers, Audi TT steering rack, R32 front and rear brakes
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    Front Lip, Rear Boot Lip
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    ECU re-tune \ Headers, downpipe and catback \ Bigger wheels \ re-paint

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  1. It's great that you're doing a gasket replacement by yourself. I believe you can rent a torque wrench from a hardware store. Just check if you can because that would be a lot easier. Also, make sure whatever torque wrench you get has been calibrated recently.
  2. kadsa98

    Autolanka Funniest Moments

    @fiat fan Thanks I now have cancer
  3. kadsa98

    Help with buying a used hybrid car

    As someone with an older euro that was driven daily my advice is, stick to a Japanese vehicle unless you are willing to spend time on repairing the car as well as part hunting.
  4. kadsa98

    Buying a used f10 2015 yom

    check if the coolant pump has been replaced as they tend to fail at around the 100k mark
  5. kadsa98

    Fastest Car In Srilanka

    Yeah selling it was becoming a nightmare so I just thought to keep it as a project. Right now I have the R32 3.2l engine and gearbox sourced from Aus but i'm still working on everything else (ECU, Wiring loom, interior, etc etc). Can't forget the document 'updating' process LOL. I'll try to run a blog but it might be difficult as I'm not in SL. Yeah I contacted Taiyo and got a qoute. R32 golf's are unexpectedly expensive in Japan! They wanted 2 million + to bring down an entire car, which would have been easier but legally it's not the best idea. Hence why I'm sourcing parts myself. I am a bit of a perfectionist so I need it to be a full complete conversion without any missing bits. (Still planning out the 4motion convertion as it requires a bit of modification to the fuel tank location and rear floor pan to fit the rear subframe + diff) Brakes wise I have a pair of used R32 brakes I got for cheap in Au but was hoping to find a suitable big brake kit (If I can afford it). I also need to buy bigger wheels. There is a crap ton of stuff to do haha. This is what i'm hoping to achieve with this build!
  6. kadsa98

    Fastest Car In Srilanka

    I'm currently working on a R32 VR6 conversion on a VW Bora at the moment (Can't reach 300kmph unfortunately haha). Still working on sourcing parts. Any VW enthusiasts here?
  7. kadsa98

    Good Tyre Brand....!

    Used Bridgestone EP300 (Thailand) for about 25,000km when it had to be replaced due to excess wear (Granted I do drive a bit aggressively) and now I switched to Nangkang's NS2 tires. About 1000km in and so far they are so much better than the EP300's in the dry however i do worry a bit about its wet performance. Not expecting to get more than 30,000km from them though!
  8. kadsa98

    Toyotoa Vitz Airbag ribbon Replacment

    @iRage Oh yes I very much do agree! certain parts from Toyota Lanka are over priced however you pay a premium for a reason. A guarantee that what you pay for is the genuine article. Also I faced a similar situation regarding the clock spring in an Allion I had and it cost me I think around Rs.40,000 at TL back in 2017. @Optimus3000 haha machan I drive a 19yo beater. Was considering an A3 recently but when taking into fact insurance, Out of warranty repairs, accidents, component failures (DCT clutches cost well over Rs.350,000 and need replacement before 50,000km usually in SL conditions) and routine maintenance I realized it was way better to purchase a much cheaper car (In my case a VW Bora), bring it up to decent condition and run it to death 😅. I don't have to worry about my car anymore and have plenty of room in my budget for unexpected maintenance. Also spending Rs.60,000 on a vital safety component of your car from might I add the established Toyota 'experts' in SL seems like a good Idea to me.
  9. kadsa98

    Toyotoa Vitz Airbag ribbon Replacment

    Mods please feel free to remove this if it's against forum guidelines but i really have to say this. Why did you buy a car if you cannot afford to replace small components like an airbag clock spring. Live within your means man. Also check Taiyo at mount they may have.
  10. kadsa98

    Buying a new smartphone

    Nice! I was considering this but after 9+ years of android I switched to iOS just to see what it's about. So far so good !
  11. kadsa98

    Toyota premio 260 gearbox issue

    That's normal for a CVT box at low speeds. Have you changed the fluid on time?
  12. kadsa98

    CB400 legal registration issue

    I agree! I used to have that mentality that indian bikes suck haha but I test rode a NS200 in 2017 and I loved the bike and bought it on the spot! That's very interesting to know you have a Dominar here! I've only ever seen one and it was on the kesbewa bypass road, a BEX numbered one I think. Post some pictures if you can! What about parts for the bike? No issue there?
  13. kadsa98

    CB400 legal registration issue

    Yeah unfortunately that is the risk you have to take when running a bike with 'unconventional' docs, that's also sort of the reason why I don't ride it as much as I used to haha Yes the NS does have some vibration but overall I didn't really notice it unless I was paying attention to it. If you can wait a year maybe you can pick up a FZ25 that has already hit the depreciation curve. The RC series KTM's are literally race bikes LOL. Of course they're going to be uncomfortable to ride. Even the new yamaha R15 looks quite aggressive on the seating position.
  14. kadsa98

    CB400 legal registration issue

    Yeah! Mine is the spec 3 model and yes your friend is correct, these days most cops and RMV officials know MC numbers are from hornets and if they catch your bike running forged docs you will definitely loose the bike! I have been stopped by cops before and the main thing they are concerned about is if you're running false docs. Fortunately for me on my book the bike name is CB4 and the only illegal thing on my bike is the "250cc" part on the book which most cops understand and usually will let it go (If you're skilled enough ). Also getting insurance for my bike is a major pain in the ass as most insurers know about the engine capacity thing so sometimes I get rejected for renewal. TBH I don't know all that well about the tu250 bikes but a reliable 250 would be either a newer reg klx250 or something. Most bikes in SL are abused so try to find one in good nick. You can always tell how well the bike has been maintained by looking at it's chain as most kids that ride here don't know the first thing about proper chain maintenance. You can also consider the Pulsar NS200. I used a 2017 model year bike for about a year and it was great (Used mostly for travel within the city and the occasional long distance stint). Lot's of power for overtaking but a bit lacking on the low end, you have to rev it to go fast. A new bike also depends on what you use it for so if it's daily riding, get something comfortable and economical. I would genuinely consider the NS200 as its a pretty good bike and parts are super cheap as well. (If you have the whole "Indian bikes are shit" idea then it would not be the bike for you). Also maybe try to test ride the new FZ250? I personally have no clue if its good or bad but online reviews claim that it's got a lot of torque. Stay away from KTM bikes if you want reliability after 5000km LOL