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  1. It's the retro vibe I guess. I don't like it either.
  2. Sanjeewa is the main guy there. He used to work at an euro dealer in the middle east if I remember correctly.
  3. In my experience, I would avoid Vishwa motors and just use Drive one. Or if they are a bit pricey for you try Sunway automotive in Battaramulla. They are great in their work and highly professional. I say avoid vishwa because I dropped off my car twice (Both times I was too busy to attempt the repair myself) and they took an unreasonable amount of time to fix a small issue. After a week I brought the car home and did it myself in about 2 hours.
  4. kadsa98

    Vw Beetle

    His response could help others. That's probably why
  5. Ah yes the dreaded AC compressor. Have replaced 2 on a 2012 one I had and changed 2 on my dad's 2013. Good car apart from that although the gearbox is a bit lazy.
  6. Could you post a video of the issue?
  7. For me it's a bit tricky as I do almost all maintenance myself. I maintain a log book with oil changes and repairs but then again both the cars back home are older than 18 years so I don't think a new buyer would care.
  8. I know an old relative of a friend of mine did that for a prado he was eyeing 👀 But you need friends in very high places.
  9. Contact the guys at D.C automart they may be able to help you with a port & polish.
  10. @Ted Kindly read this again. No one owes you anything, we're all helping each other here.
  11. I'm not sure if this is a troll post or not 😂
  12. Last I checked it was 90% duty for bikes less than 250cc and 120% for anything above.
  13. Not easy to do on the car because it takes a while and you have to mess around with the ECU. I've only seen this done on a 2014 iish Audi A8 when I was back in SL but it is possible to do on any newer euro. I don't condone this stuff though!
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