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  1. kadsa98

    Engine capacity in CR

    then better to ask from the DMT itself buddy.
  2. kadsa98

    Complex Cash flow issue hybrid vs Vitz

    Don't stress yourself financially. Till you can afford it buy something cheaper! My first car was a '99 Pug 405 that I bought for 400,000 without any financing. only when I could AFFORD it did I sell it to buy another car. Don't go into debt to keep appearances buddy! best lesson I learned!
  3. kadsa98

    Engine capacity in CR

    I bought a motorcycle last year and the specified engine capacity was 399cc however when registering the CR says 400cc. I Don't think it'll be a big problem.
  4. Can't be dirt due to multiple fuel filters in between the fuel tank and injectors! Sounds like a coil pack issue. would be better to take it to a good mechanic.
  5. kadsa98

    Place to do corrosion repair around colombo

    Hi TT could you pm me the place as well, I have to do some rust repair on my car as well.
  6. kadsa98

    Nissan Presea

    Thanks for the advice!
  7. kadsa98

    Laws regarding loud exhausts?

    @DavySorry I'm still new on this forum. Thanks for the help
  8. Hey all, I couldn't find a thread about this, however if it has been discussed before please link it if you can. I'm thinking about installing an aftermarket exhaust on my car, What is the current law regarding this? It's a 3.5" barrel with a resonator delete so it's going to be loud. Thanks in advance!
  9. kadsa98

    Verifying the Mileage of a used car

    Replying because I also wanna know if this is possible....
  10. kadsa98

    Toyota Premio Fuel consumption

    Best Answer! 🤣
  11. kadsa98

    Toyota Premio Fuel consumption

    Yeah I agree, my 260 also did max 8-9 in colombo and 14-18 highway (Granted I do drive with a heavy foot)
  12. kadsa98

    Toyota Premio NZT260 AC Compressor

    I know a good guy near nugegoda. PM me
  13. kadsa98

    Premio/Allion 260 2013 engine oil and service help

    @chamara54 I would just use the original Toyota oil filter from Toyota Lanka. But VIC is a good alternative as well. If you can afford it go for either motorcraft or Bosch filters. Do not go more than 5000km between oil changes unless you want sludge in your engine. (Only applies to the 1NZ-FE). When I Had my allion I would change it every 4000k - 3500km (Mineral oil) because of the heavy traffic use and overall abuse it saw.
  14. kadsa98

    Premio/Allion 260 2013 engine oil and service help

    ASFAIK the 1NZ-FE engine loves to sludge up if the oil isn't changed religiously. I would just use the normal mineral oil and change it every 5000km. good example of this - A good friend of mine owned a 2003 vios with the 1NZ-FE for the past 4 years and just as he bought it he replaced the valve cover gasket (Doing so revealed zero sludge in the head) and started using synthetic engine oil and changing the oil every 10,000km. Recently the valve cover was being removed again and he found a good amount of sludge inside. Synthetic oils do not sludge and are designed to run 10k without a hitch however as I said before the 1NZ-FE engine head has areas which pool oil and can cause sludge fairly quickly. For oil filter find the best quality you can. If not then go for VIC but make sure it's the original one and not some replica.
  15. kadsa98


    2000 Volkswagen Bora For me the usual service cost is as below - Mobil semi synthetic 5L - Rs.6,500 (Changed every 5000 miles not km) Genuine VW Oil Filter - Rs.1,950 Oil drain nut crush seal - Rs.350 Air Filter - Rs.3000 Injector Cleaner - Rs.900 MAF & Throttle cleaners - Rs.1800 (1 can lasts for maybe 3 services?) Labour - I do it myself so it takes maybe 45 minutes.