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  1. NemesisArc

    Honda civic 2018 Transmission oil change

    My Maintenance minder says to change the transmission oil as well and im still on 12000KMs & almost 2 years after manufacturer date. So i guess there must be a sophisticates mechanism to calculate the intervals.
  2. NemesisArc

    Honda Civic 2018

    I used Mobil advanced fuel economy 0w-30 for my civic.
  3. NemesisArc

    HMMF vs CVT f

    Stafford recommends semi-synthetic engine oil for civic 2018 where manufacturer doesn't. i don't know where they get their recommendations from. so be aware! not reliable.
  4. NemesisArc

    Honda Civic 2018

    I personally would stick to the maintenance minder as well. it is not a day by day or km by km calculator but considers "engine operating conditions such as speed, engine and ambient temperature, time and the vehicle use" Recommended intervals in the manual are - engine oil-20K(proof that maintenance minder is smart and adapts to SL conditions) CVT oil-40K.
  5. NemesisArc

    Honda Civic 2018

    Happy to see a satisfied user with their service private garage in the sense its not open to others to get the service done?
  6. NemesisArc

    Honda Civic 2018

    Even my previous car was done at Toyota Lanka and yes-their standards are very satisfactory and detailed. Sorry, i don't have any personal experience with any other but one of my friends done his Wagonr stingray in Laugfs and he was pretty satisfied. maybe nextime! Also, Use Mobil 1 advanced fuel economy next time. it meets the requirements and improves the economy + recommended from mobile website when you select the vehicle.
  7. NemesisArc

    Honda Civic 2018

    I did my service too recently from stafford-Jaela - worst decision ever. no standard at all. they didn't even had any microfiber cloths for cleaning but half torn towel pieces. anyhow, about the oil - yes-0W burn up thing is BS as it relates to Winter. what relates to us SL is "30" part. their recommendation was to use Mobil 2000-which is semi-synthetic but no where in the manual says to use blends. After a long discussion with them i forcefully asked them to use Mobil 1 advance fuel economy 5w-30 - fully synthetic which was available with them. the oil actually seems to live up to the name as it seems to actually improve my economy. usually i run around 350-380km with a full tank but in the recent fill up(1st one after the service as there was a half tank while on the service) meter showed 580km ( already done 280km and still 270km is on the clock with half a tank remaining) will update the real figures later-on.
  8. NemesisArc

    Honda Civic 2018

    Its normal. i have the same thing. to avoid this you can downshift 1 gear from paddles before hitting the gas again.
  9. NemesisArc

    Honda Civic 2018

    I have an SR - Not premium Audio. but the sound improvement is pretty noticeable after a month.so yeah-theres a breaking period.
  10. NemesisArc

    Civic 1.0T 2018 Rear suspension knocking Sound

    Thats a relief to know 😀. Actually i noticed a difference and your comment confirms it. thank you!
  11. NemesisArc

    Honda Civic 2018

    Same thing happened to me and it was the radar system inside that triggered the alarm. the culprit was a Fly that gotten inside.
  12. NemesisArc

    Civic 1.0T 2018 Rear suspension knocking Sound

    I have the SR and adaptive damping is not available on this grade. thanks for the service bulletin. i've came across this too but disregarded because of the temp range it occurs. Seems better to take a look at it anyway.
  13. NemesisArc

    Civic 1.0T 2018 Rear suspension knocking Sound

    Alloys are 17"
  14. NemesisArc

    Honda Civic 2018

    Im Having same alike consumptions on city and 19Kmpl on highway with Eco + ACC turned on. I don't seem to have a noticeable difference in city with Eco mode so i drive Eco + Auto Start/Stop turned off.
  15. Hello Guys, Im new here although i've followed the forum for couple of years which was pretty helpful. I have a CIVIC 1.0T SR with only 1000Km on the clocks now (imported 0 milage) and theres a knocking sound coming form the rear suspension when i hit a sharp bump on the road. otherwise no sound on any rough roads and everything is pretty smooth.I found a youtube video with exactly my issue. i will not post the link since i'm not sure whether its agains the rules. but you can search "Civic X rear suspension knocking sound!" I've had a visit to to the agent and they test drove and said its normal for low profile tires since it doesn't absorb much sound from the pothole hence transferred to the body. Have any of you civic x owners came across the same issue? appreciate your thoughts. Have a good day!!