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  1. ChanDK

    Demio 2009 Spoiler

    anyone knows where to buy and hook up spoiler for Demio 2009 (DE3FS)
  2. Planning to buy a demio 2007/2008 with CVT and rpm meter. as far as i know those options are available in 1500cc rather 1340cc. is there any specific way to check that the car has CVT gearbox or not. and 1340cc version came with CVT?
  3. Hi,does Mazda 2 (demio) 2007-2010 model has CVT transmission. I am planning to buy used 2008 1.3 L clocks 50. what should I look for to verify this?..Many thanks
  4. Hi guys need and advice to buy ek3 1999/2003 auto clocks 120,000km . asking 2.15M..is that worth considerable price?..bit of urgent...many thanks
  5. Hi Madz,,who is Honda EK3 active Expert at the moment ?..bit of urgent need some advices..many thanks

    1. MADZ


      Hi @ChanDK unfortunately I wont be able to assist you with that. If you post your question under relevant forum then one of our members will reply to it when they get free time. Cheers!


    2. ChanDK


      Hi @MADZ...i already posted a thread under Honda..yet to receive an answer. anyway thanks..:)

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