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  1. qasid

    Brake Caliper Painting

    TOA spray worked well and lasted about 3years
  2. qasid

    Proton Gen 2

    Yep.... it is normal
  3. Hi Guys.... will any1 be able to help me put with a 15x7.0 114.3PCD set of alloy wheels that looks something like this? something that has a deep lip in red / silver most of the ones i saw had a spokes popping outward from the hub... i need it to have a slight offset (not sure if thats the right word in this context... but heres' the picture of what i mean) would highly appreciate if some1 could genuinely help me out thanks a million in advance PS: I've checked a bunch of shops - J*, @mila, U&H, 2 places in union plc, [email protected], etc,..
  4. qasid

    Sports Alloys

    don't go for a used Chinese.... usually Chinese stuff come brand new will cost about 28/- for 14 used ones are from japan... checkout JJ at mount or delkanda. abt the handling and how comfortable would it be - if ur originally EK3 came with 14' then deffa that what's the car was made for - jus my opinion. check with an expert however. i aint an expert too.. and also... whats the prob with the 15's?
  5. qasid

    How To Paint Alloy Wheels

    superb..... tht's quite close for me.... how long did they take to do it machn?
  6. qasid

    How To Paint Alloy Wheels

    LOL... prami mentioned he got it done for 6,500 should be around tht price - i assume
  7. qasid

    How To Paint Alloy Wheels

    im asking the same question mate
  8. qasid

    How To Paint Alloy Wheels

    quality is superb mate.... where did u get it done from?
  9. The public opinion was about Sylvi.. What sort of a mod-moron r u not understand tht ;D lol "Those guidelines do NOT include "consider qasid's opinion on post approval" - ofcourse, i wudnt have been a member the time ur guidelines were setup man "Now I suggest you go find something useful to do rather than annoying me." - c'mon... Stop whinning like a old granny.. u've given other ppl advice and i think now its time u take it for urself ;D lol Ok lemme get to the point mate... The topic is about Interior cleaning na.. Dont reply my msg by trying to argue and fight back instead - share some info on interior cleaning
  10. qasid

    How To Paint Alloy Wheels

    how much did it cost? also am*la at slave island and dehiwala might do... can PM u the numbers if u need
  11. qasid

    How To Paint Alloy Wheels

    spray cans as in TOA cans? cos it works well on calipers
  12. don't know the history - i agree.... but invain machang... you could have also left the comments na, without deleting em so that we also could have seen the past lol so now is this Sylvi guy the hitler? dont you think u r going wayy outta the topic too?
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