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  1. While my car's fuel efficiency is down. Resonantly. And when stopped, the fuel smells coming. I'll do the engine tune-up and do the followings can any one can suggest good place to check all theses issues (I'm @ negambo area) . Need to check (have any injector leak, and fuel pressure of the fuel pump ) my car model Mazda bj5p YOM 2003 . changed air filter . changer oil and filter and oill. changed spark plugs.
  2. Hi Guyz How to find the type of spark plug that fits the car ? and Oll Brand ? ( Currently Using SAE40 Lanka Super plus Car mazda BJP (YOM2003 ).
  3. Waru

    Good Tyre Brand....!

    Hi Friends i want to buy new tyres for my mazda bj5p - size R14 185/65 and i have few questions 1)anyone have idea about brand called h*fly ? is Chineese brand ? 2)C*AT is not good for cars (rough) ?  and anyone have personal experience above tyre brands thanks
  4. Machanla ලක්ෂ 20-28 අතර ගන්න හොද auto වාහනයක් kiyannakoooo ? currently i'm using mazda bj5p
  5. Yas Machoooo .... pls giv cal to NIlwala moters( mr Chandana ). they fix my issue
  6. Hi @mash1981 Can U suggest other please without Ma**na Moters .
  7. Hi Guys . I have a chat with Mr. Chandana he said do a engine tune up and see ? can u guys suggest a good place to do that task . and I feel fuel compunction also reduces significantly.
  8. Hi , @LashNeo , Sorry For the delayed replay I caked the gear oil Level and color . both are OK .
  9. Hi Guys .... one year before I bought Mazda bj5p . after few months ago have some gear box issue (over drive button blink .) after i went to Nilwala moters, they fix the gear box issue . now gear shifting problem is OK, but i feel have some issue in the gear shifting . (have some delay and feel gear shifting ). I happened only some time. what can I do for this ?
  10. Hi guys, My Mazda BJ5P Over Drive light Blinking (flashing like hazard ). also gear shifting get some time . I need to fix that issue where i need to go . please give me some advice (I'm from Ja-ela). I'm done all Services on time . BTW I saw couple of places (Ma*na moters,).
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