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  1. maheshqs19

    Toyota Premio Instrument Cluster Display Language

    @Sayem1234, As iRage and others have correctly pointed out, gauge cluster language in Premio cannot be changed. I'm living with that and for me, it's not a big issue.
  2. maheshqs19

    OBD dongles for JDM cars

    Dear iRage, thanks for your response and apologies for doing so despite It wasn't intentional.
  3. maheshqs19

    OBD dongles for JDM cars

    Hi guys, I'm wondering if anyone have come across a OBD dongle (wireless or bluetooth like ELM327, OBDLink MX) that works with Toyota Allion or Premio? So that it is possible to view diagnostic data on a smartphone? Thanks a lot in advance.
  4. maheshqs19

    Premio 2018 User manual

    Thanks :) Appreciate the quick reply.
  5. maheshqs19

    Premio 2018 User manual

    Hi TmdRockz, were you able to get hold of an English manual for Premio? If you have, could you please share? Thanks a lot.
  6. Hi guys, I'm new to cars and I'm very new here in Autolanka forums. I need your advice on somewhat a noob question. Is there any way to change the instrument cluster display language of a Toyota Premio form Japanese to English? (Please see attached images of the display). If it's possible to change, how? I just ordered a Premio from Japan (through a dealer). Thanks a lot in advance.