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  1. naminajayasinghe

    A Brand New for lesser than 6mil.

    Any Ideas for a brand new vehicle for family use between 4-5.5mil? We had a 2009 Honda Insight for several years, bought it on second market. Under this economic condition is there anyway to get a decent vehicle(an upgrade of course) without any compromises?
  2. naminajayasinghe

    Qashqai, CHR, Vezel, Peugeot 3008

    If you don't mind about the second market value peugeot 3008 is the best option on this compact suv category. (new exterior design and uncomparable premium interior for this price value.) I'd say 3008>qashqai>chr>vezel. but there will be certain compromises such as, our family car, 2018 Qashqai has no oil filter available in SL. Even at A*W. I'm pretty sure same problems would occur for newer peugeot models. It wouldn't be a problem if the money is in your side but, i'd say there will be lesser problems if you get a honda or a toyota,