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  1. Hi raveeJaya Thank you for your advice, totally agreed!! and he is not a tech guy and they just did the scan for free so said okay. but I check with other people who own Vitz most of them suggest to do a tuneup such as cleaning the spark plug and replacing to iridium etc. my question is that, is it okay to go to Toyota Lanka for this kind issues (obviously expensive) or other recommended places which is relatively cheaper and expertise in solving this Just for your information last protocol also failed at the end Thanks in advance
  2. Not sure about that but I did a scan with a local garage which indicated the fields are is failed (attached) so they suggested doing a tuneup
  3. 2 airbags, 60k km (genuine millage), 2.5Mn
  4. Guys!! I got the 1000cc vitz 2007 model. Fit to my budget, Well maintained and clear documents. Thank you for all your support and advice.
  5. 100% agreeed!! I’ve been talking with owners they sounds like this bloody 15 years old vehicle pice of gold. We pay millions from our hard work that the vehicles are deserve to be scrap, seriously what a dump system
  6. Grate!! thanks for all the comments. Agreed with Honda Fit sugesstion.I would love to go for a Honda Fit but the price is starting from 2.8 and most of them are more than 100k mileage just a another idea how about hyndai grand i10 since I’m quite concern about design and driving plasure
  7. Hi guys!! I’m looking to buy a vitz 2007-8 model as my first car, need advise how to check the engine and what are the consideration during the inspections Also, any other sugestion for 26laks budget except wagon r??
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