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  1. This is true! Thank you very much for your comment sir.
  2. Thank you very much sir for the very quick and detailed description ☺️. Unfortunately I dont think i will be able to go for the Turbo variant. I just looked into the thread you mentioned as well. So it seems to me the Spacia has the edge over the Wagon R in terms of Comfort and Options and the Wagon R has a slight edge over fuel consumption. Maybe the Spacia has improved its fuel efficiency from the 2017 model to 2018 model due to the new Mild Hybrid System ?. I have 2 questions. 1. Will there be a significant drop in the resale value of the Spacia? 2. Anyone knows the actual fuel consumption of the Spacia? Thanks in advance, Dima25
  3. Hi guys I'm planning to buy a new car, the Spacia 2018 or the Wagon R 2018. Unfortunately alot of people does not have a good idea about the Spacia. What will be the better choice between these two models on especially Comfort and Fuel Consumption aspects. Thank you in advance, Dima25
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