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  1. Dee Gee

    Prius C vs Vitz

    Axio was in my list. But my budget is limited. I also do not like to buy a used hybrid car for permit.
  2. Dee Gee

    Prius C vs Vitz

  3. Dee Gee

    Prius C vs Vitz

    Hello, Buying a new car with Govt. permit is a challenge this time. Would like opinions from you people whether to buy a Vitz or Prius C. Prius C starts at 3.6 B/New from Toyota. Vitz has a large range. Since my budget is below 4 million, I cannot go for anything larger. Prius C (or Aqua) has tight rear leg room, it seems. And ground clearance is also low. Hybrid resell value is also a challenge. Your views please....