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  1. Hi all, my Aqua 2015 car ABS unit warning lights came on dashboard and after consultation with garage they said need to replace ABS module. Would you please recommend a garage to carry out the repair with guarantee. Also any idea how much it would be cost. Thanks
  2. Hi All, need advice I have aqua 2015, when I am pressing the break pedal kind of grinding noise coming from ECS area. This noise keep coming even driving (every time when pressing the brake) Someone told me this may be ABS break module issue. But there is no any issue with breaking system or any ABS alarm on screen. To make sure everything O.K I did scanning my car with local hybrid service place and found nothing wrong and all found in order. Has anyone come across this kind of issue please advice? I am planing to take my car to Edirisighe Hybrid hub for another inspection?
  3. Hi all, Please suggest which car to buy CHR 2WD or 4WD. Domestic use only. Thanks
  4. Hi all, looking for good advice for below query. While searching for new car I got two option 01. Toyota CHR 2018 , B/N 2WD (1.2 L) 02. Toyota Prius 4th Gen 2016, B/N (1.8 L) When compare the prices Prius just below the CHR Price. Which one is more suitable to buy considering the model and the price? Thanks.
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