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  1. Thanks guys for the advice.. I finally found a brand new 2018 sx4 unregistered for 5.9...
  2. Hi , my budget is 5.5 million max and what is the best cars or crossover I could get in that budget. And since I live in nuwaraeliya it should be friendly with the mountains . After some online search i have come across 1.Honda civic SR 2017 2.Suzuki scross sx4 2017 3.Honda grace 2014/15 4.Honda vezel 2015... are there better options. please help me choose the best option..
  3. Hi guys.. i am not a car expert but couldnt decide between the Audi A1 2018 or the honda civic 2018 hatch back. I live in nuwaraeliya and is it suitable for hill stations. The roads are fine hear and i will not be riding on a rugged road too.
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