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  1. Link Removed. Please be mindful when sharing links to external websites. ^^There you go
  2. Hi Guys, Im with a budget around 27.5Laks and considering Daihatsu Mira ES and Nissan Dayz Highway Star X for options. I've had few recommendations towards mira but recently only i got to know about the Nissan Dayz. I personally prefer a Dayz over a Wagon R FX because of the more "car" looks of the Nissan Dayz. My main concerns are fuel economy, parts availability and resell value. I personally dont like the cheap looking interior of mira so Im a bit biased towards the Dayz. So if anyone of you own a Dayz or have knowledge of the car, please do let me know. What are the known issues and does it hold up to its claims regarding the fuel efficiency. Your support is highly appreciated. TIA
  3. Noob-J

    R Graded car in Japanese auctions

    Point taken!
  4. Noob-J

    R Graded car in Japanese auctions

    well theres this friend of mine who is in the import business and is very trustworthy. he only mentioned that good deals come and go which arent that bad. and he will make it all transparent about the damages and repairs made. Im thinking to buy a daihatsu mira and for my budget I can only go for X grade. But i was told that if im ok with an R graded car I can get the G grade for even a lesser price. But now that im going through the comments im thinking its not a good decision to make. thanks for your time
  5. Noob-J

    R Graded car in Japanese auctions

    Oh well.. thanks
  6. Hi Guys, I'm a complete noob and I need some help in buying a car from Japanese auctions. Anybody has any knowledge on "R" (repaired) graded cars in Japanese auctions? Is it a risk that i should completely avoid? or can we find good deals under this category? Do we get any information like what was the repair done to a particular vehicle or at least what category the repair is or the severity of the damage? Thanks in advance