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  1. one copy is sufficient to get the transfer done..
  2. Axio G comes with cruise control, factory fitted, I have seen many
  3. It's possible, I think Only issue is it might not indicate at the dashboard ... when the cruise control is on You can fix an external indicator at the dashboard .. or replace your meter panel with a one taken out from a G grade car auto accessory sellers around the polhengoda junction might be able to help you... But if I were you ... will never do that..
  4. You can sell your permit for an unbelievably lower price .... if you wish.. as no one can open LC You can't exchange your permit for a locality assembled or an already imported car .... it's a myth You can always contact the local car assemblers... Google their website to find the number... And believe only the circulars issued by the ministry of finance; trade finance department and by the sri Lanka customs You must be a higher ranking government officer, if you a permit holder.... I think you must be aware of those.. at least to refer a circular
  5. Sorry... wrong post
  6. I m not sure about the Toyota agents reports even Car sellers are unbelievably familiar with some of the inspectors
  7. 1. Do not believe those importers much, they are like politicians... will tell fairy tales until they get their cut 2. the auction prices have go down slightly 3. They will undervalue the vehicle for the invoice... and the balance send as black money.. so it's only the customs value comes in to play... 4 according to my understanding the luxury tax for C-HR is over 300,000.... but i may be wrong 5. Be careful... there are no long term tax policies for the vehicles in this country
  8. Landcruiser; i guess it's a facelift https://www.thenational.ae/lifestyle/motoring/toyota-s-2020-land-cruiser-tears-into-the-uae-here-s-a-look-at-the-brand-new-model-1.949419#6
  9. Extremely difficult to get that registered, unless both you and the permit holder both go there together... But if you give that job to a 3rd party, they ll do that , at an additional cost of 10,000-15,000.... RMV has changed their procedures, so their staff and the middlemen can earn a lot... if you want to save that money, you have to go there with the permit holder... letter from the permit holder is not sufficient... correct me if I m wrong..
  10. There's a place at darley road... devanampiyathissa mw... 3rd or 4th shop He sells used rim cups.. and hub caps Extremely costly but Other option ... at panchikawatta... pavement shops..
  11. And it has s 2 year warranty.... with free services in addition..... LOL
  12. So this this was created by car sellers.... because 1. Want to clear their stocks 2. Grab some more orders .. Etc etc.... Clear enough
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