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  1. priyanka

    How to Calculate Luxury Tax

    1. Do not believe those importers much, they are like politicians... will tell fairy tales until they get their cut 2. the auction prices have go down slightly 3. They will undervalue the vehicle for the invoice... and the balance send as black money.. so it's only the customs value comes in to play... 4 according to my understanding the luxury tax for C-HR is over 300,000.... but i may be wrong 5. Be careful... there are no long term tax policies for the vehicles in this country
  2. priyanka

    Japanese Car News

    Landcruiser; i guess it's a facelift https://www.thenational.ae/lifestyle/motoring/toyota-s-2020-land-cruiser-tears-into-the-uae-here-s-a-look-at-the-brand-new-model-1.949419#6
  3. Extremely difficult to get that registered, unless both you and the permit holder both go there together... But if you give that job to a 3rd party, they ll do that , at an additional cost of 10,000-15,000.... RMV has changed their procedures, so their staff and the middlemen can earn a lot... if you want to save that money, you have to go there with the permit holder... letter from the permit holder is not sufficient... correct me if I m wrong..
  4. priyanka

    Best place to find/Anyone have wheel center caps?

    There's a place at darley road... devanampiyathissa mw... 3rd or 4th shop He sells used rim cups.. and hub caps Extremely costly but Other option ... at panchikawatta... pavement shops..
  5. priyanka

    Scam Seller on Popular Free Classifieds Site

    And it has s 2 year warranty.... with free services in addition..... LOL
  6. So this this was created by car sellers.... because 1. Want to clear their stocks 2. Grab some more orders .. Etc etc.... Clear enough
  7. People have started fishing already.... highly suspicious who is behind this...
  8. 1. It's a warranty... not guaranty.... they will do repair ... if you get an issue.. only the labour cost is waived.. but the spares... 2. And though they call them as free services... you will have to pay for the material... still costly.. 3. You are getting a service from unskilled workers... more or less at the same price , that of the agents 4. I have witnessed even R grade cars from japan weer given service plans and the so called warranty 5. Above are my personal thoughts and experiences... I have no intention to harm anyone else's business
  9. 1. Do not get fooled by the made-up stories of the car sellers... 2. There's a thing called Google...
  10. priyanka

    Whether luxary tax going to be remove?

    1. Only the finance minister can answer to your question... 2. The table is a fake one .... Eg: no luxury tax for a C-HR..
  11. priyanka

    Mithubishi Montero vs Kia Sorento

    I m using Montero/ pajero for the past 10 years almost... I have had a v78 and and 2 v98s.... now I m using a pajero v98... NO issues so far.... except a dpf problem..got recently...but managed.. When compared to the Sorrento... I think the spares and most services are easily done with a Montero.... Try to buy a one ...preferably maintained with the agents ... at least you can have a trace.. I think it s false belief that the older version is better.... And regarding the options.. most of them were basic .. because were made to fit for the permits...available those days.. Fully loaded cars are there... but I think are well above your budget..
  12. priyanka

    CHR G-T vs. S-T

    Yes... I also have noticed the price difference
  13. priyanka

    CHR G-T vs. S-T

    By the way.. what's BOOST IMPULSE...?? Is it only the body kit.. or it comes with some more additional options .?