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  1. priyanka

    Lug nut lock nut on audi a6

    Make sure you disconnect the battery before the job... I also had the same issue sometime back with a freelancer 2 .... did the same thing..
  2. priyanka

    Dpf Filter Cleaning

    Got the job done at BOS_H service centre @ D*MO.... I think they have done a good job at a reasonable price... Thanks everyone
  3. No.... it s not free to non citizens.... even an OPD consultation is about 500/=, if l m not mistaken... and the major surgeries and ICU treatements are very costly, in government hospitals for them...
  4. priyanka

    Japanese Car News

    Oh boy...!!
  5. priyanka

    Dpf Filter Cleaning

    Need to get it deleted... Tried to clean it many times... failed Now it's in limp mode...
  6. priyanka

    Dpf Filter Cleaning

    Hi Checked the old threads.. but couldn't get a proper information.... hence posting here.... Anyone know a good technician/place who handle DPF issues.... infact deleting work... around Colombo Thanks
  7. priyanka

    Warranty And Free Service

    What s the problem of v98 gear box ???? Just For my information... Sorry... but i m using v98s for more than 6 years... had a 78 before that ( infact a converted one from 75 to 78)..... never had a problem in the gear box...
  8. priyanka

    Vehicle Permit

    Simple.... do not buy then... And mind you the permits are issued for the relevant officer to buy a vehicle.. not to sell I smell some guerrilla marketing here to manipulate the so called permit market...
  9. priyanka

    Vehicle Permit

    According to my knowledge.. 3.6 million benifit is still there... and they ll allow to open LC from 1 st of June onwards... according to the order the permits were issued...
  10. priyanka

    Vehicle Permit

    Source please....
  11. priyanka

    Budget 2019

    No budget for few months...
  12. priyanka

    Budget 2019

    Before the election there going to be another budget.... in November 2019
  13. priyanka

    Budget 2019

    There's no reason for the government to reduce the prices....
  14. You need to enter your insurance company name and the company by which you did the emission test... there's nothing for you to link... only thing you must get your insurance and the emission report beforehand You can't cheate the system as all insurance and emission companies are linked.. And sometimes the insurance details take little time get uptade at the RMV site.. so check with your insurance company
  15. Must be a temporary issue.. Similar thing happened to me when I tried to get mine during the last weekend... but was successful on Monday.... Try tomorrow morning..