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  1. 1. It's a warranty... not guaranty.... they will do repair ... if you get an issue.. only the labour cost is waived.. but the spares... 2. And though they call them as free services... you will have to pay for the material... still costly.. 3. You are getting a service from unskilled workers... more or less at the same price , that of the agents 4. I have witnessed even R grade cars from japan weer given service plans and the so called warranty 5. Above are my personal thoughts and experiences... I have no intention to harm anyone else's business
  2. 1. Do not get fooled by the made-up stories of the car sellers... 2. There's a thing called Google...
  3. priyanka

    Whether luxary tax going to be remove?

    1. Only the finance minister can answer to your question... 2. The table is a fake one .... Eg: no luxury tax for a C-HR..
  4. priyanka

    Mithubishi Montero vs Kia Sorento

    I m using Montero/ pajero for the past 10 years almost... I have had a v78 and and 2 v98s.... now I m using a pajero v98... NO issues so far.... except a dpf problem..got recently...but managed.. When compared to the Sorrento... I think the spares and most services are easily done with a Montero.... Try to buy a one ...preferably maintained with the agents ... at least you can have a trace.. I think it s false belief that the older version is better.... And regarding the options.. most of them were basic .. because were made to fit for the permits...available those days.. Fully loaded cars are there... but I think are well above your budget..
  5. priyanka

    CHR G-T vs. S-T

    Yes... I also have noticed the price difference
  6. priyanka

    CHR G-T vs. S-T

    By the way.. what's BOOST IMPULSE...?? Is it only the body kit.. or it comes with some more additional options .?
  7. priyanka

    Hustler vs Alto JDM

  8. priyanka

    retirement permit

    Can you name few cars... ?? Petrol 1500 to 1800 cc No point buying a petrol car below 1500 cc with a retirement permit.. And diesel of course... you can.. but then you 'll have to pay additional 4 million , as then the duty will be 16 million.... if it's a 2000 cc diesel..
  9. priyanka

    retirement permit

    Sorry.. but 12 million permit is becoming useless because of the luxury tax... Luxury tax need to be paid separately... And the most vehicles with no luxury tax... the duty is more than 12 million
  10. priyanka

    Mitsubishi Pajero Palathsabha chassis no

    You better contact an agent .. who is doing RMV things to get a proper answer... What sort of budding you are talking about... Is it a just 32- car .... converted to a pajero or a genuine pajero ... bought from a government auction and with a new body fitted ... If it s the second case ... you might be OK... but can be questioned at anytime.. If the case is the first one.. stay away.
  11. priyanka

    Mitsubishi Pajero Palathsabha chassis no

    CLO48V is usually high roof CL149W is usually flat roof... extremely rare But no one bothers about that as long as it s an original pajero in my opinion...
  12. priyanka

    Lug nut lock nut on audi a6

    Make sure you disconnect the battery before the job... I also had the same issue sometime back with a freelancer 2 .... did the same thing..
  13. priyanka

    Dpf Filter Cleaning

    Got the job done at BOS_H service centre @ D*MO.... I think they have done a good job at a reasonable price... Thanks everyone
  14. No.... it s not free to non citizens.... even an OPD consultation is about 500/=, if l m not mistaken... and the major surgeries and ICU treatements are very costly, in government hospitals for them...
  15. priyanka

    Japanese Car News

    Oh boy...!!