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  1. I have and idea of importing a motor bike from japan for me but I cannot find how its taxed and conditions in Sri-Lanka currently as per new tax policies. Could someone please advice me on it.
  2. If its all about pleasing the vote bank why is the government giving a permit like this which is of no use to majority of the government servants ? The government has lifted the upper limit which lets top level officers to import any vehicle they like but 3.6 Million tax rebate would mean nothing to an individual who is importing a fully loaded land-crusier or fortuner.
  3. I agree with Indrajeedez.. I agree there are many employees who aren't competent but there are so many skilled officers who love the job and they have a special bond with their job unlike many of us in the private sector who would switch job for a better package and designation.
  4. Government employees are paid extremely less for their experience compared with the private sector and government is not in a position to pay the employees a package inline to private sectors so giving few perks like permit isn't wrong. Thats just my opinion
  5. No I am not entitled for a permit. I feel they should have a maximum CIF value to import vehicle for permit and give a percentage off from the tax calculated. Having no upper bound in the CIF value is in favour top ranked officers in the country.
  6. Hi, I have been wondering that giving a 3.6 Million tax rebate is not fair on government servants or any individuals who import vehicles for permit. I feel the government has introduced permit just for say cause of strike caused by doctors. The permit which is introduced is of no use to the importers. Is it just me who is feeling like this or any one else ?