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    Prius owners

    14-16km in colombo. If you're stuck in traffic while idiots are protesting; with the AC on full blast then goes low as 13. 18-20 outstation driving eg.- Kandy and back without too much traffic. 20-22 highway driving at 100kmph on cruise control. 23-27 highway driving at 80kmph on cruise control. (depending on the traffic to get to the highway and battery charge level) if battery is close to fully charged then about 1.5km..ish , but EV will turn off if you go above 50kmph or when the battery goes below 25%
  2. Stryker


    Ok.. so.. thanks everyone for your feedback. I have done some research on my own by speaking with dealers, spare importers, service centers, and repair shops as well as maka baas's... my findings are as follows for anyone who is interested; 1. running maintenance - service costs are almost the same for both (assuming i service the premio at the dealer) but the A3 is actually cheaper because of the longer service interval. 2. spares - spares for the A3 are mostly at the mercy of the dealer, and apparently there can be a 2 week waiting time. But this may change in the future because many people are apparently buying the new A1's, A3's and Q2's. (alot of parts are apparently interchangeable between these 3 models). I also got a quotation for a CV joint for both the premio and the a3 for the heck of it, and the Audi only costs 5k more. which is not bad at all. 3. reliability - A3 has many sensors and the car is not designed for our tropical humid climate so failing sensors is the only problem i have heard reliability wise. Toyota is a Toyota. 4. Was lucky enough to find both the vehicles in question at the same dealer, and i got to inspect/ test drive both. The A3 is a league apart in every way.. (comfort, sound, build quality) finally decided to go with the A3 - because it wont be the first car in my garage, and also i'd rather pay 8.4mil for a 33k USD vehicle than 8.4mil for a 22k USD vehicle 😂
  3. Stryker


    You seem to have very little knowledge about the world. In the UK, people will avoid a car they really want, just because it falls under a different tax band, because road taxes are quite high. Also most Europeans care alot about fuel consumption, more than Sri Lankans in some cases. And in western countries cars are a depreciating asset. Not so much in Sri Lanka for the most part, so it is fair to consider resale value in a buying decision here... Thanks. It has.
  4. Stryker


    Both of these cars cost 8.4million rupees. which is roughly 70,000 AUD ,which is where i hold dual citizenship and back in Aussie i can buy a Porsche or a Audi S3 Quattro for this kind of money. So yes, only in Sri Lanka will i be making a stupid comparison like this because this is where i am living right now. Not sure what you mean by econobox? The A3 i inspected did not have any more features that the Premio didn't have. Actually the JDM comes with full leather seats, the A3 only comes with half leather. JDM has 8 airbags and the Audi has only 7... A3 has trivial features like Wifi and dual zone climate control which i don't think are practical features. so it does not matter to me. Thanks man, you seem to be the only one that gets it. I was simply expecting feedback from people who have used these cars locally to get some insight on how it is like to live with either one of them.. I heard the same story about the SLine suspension, but unfortunately only the SLine comes with the Virtual cockpit feature (which im looking forward to) Back in Australia, i don't know anyone who would consider a vehicle with under 2.0liter of engine displacement, so i cant help but think if this cheap Audi is nothing but a glorified Suzuki Celerio . Which is why i'm asking if this car is better suited to the Sri Lankan market or to go for the traditional Toyota.
  5. Hello, trying to choose between a 2018 Toyota Premio G Superior and a 2018 Audi A3 TFSI Sedan, and needs some clarifications and comparisons between both. (both are almost the same price) 1. Speed? because the Audi comes with a tiny 3 cyl - 1.0 liter engine , How is the pick up? Not expecting sports car performance, but should be able to overtake in our roads unlike a Wagon R. 2. How is maintenance? Cost of service, and spare parts availability? Toyota should win this one easily but your thoughts and opinions. Also recommend a good place to service both. 3. Comfort and overall features? 4. Fuel consumption and resale value? Don't care about either of these, but would like to know what the general consensus is, just for the sake of comparing. Also there is a Hatchback version of the A3 Sedan called a A3 Sportback. The specs are almost identical, but it is almost 1mil cheaper than the sedan. any thoughts?
  6. I'm sorry if this sounds like a stupid question.. but i am currently in the process of buying a used car, which is registered in Kandy... hence number plate shows CP I reside in Colombo, so i was wondering is it possible to get the number changed from CP to WP?
  7. Stryker

    Alto 2017 new perchase. Help me.

    I pumped 1500Rs petrol for a 2017 one and went to Galle from and back (on the highway) and there was still enough petrol left to do another 50+km.... that is roughly the same as my 3rd gen Prius.. It is a non-hyrbid.. just a regular car. car ride is a bit stiff for me, and interior is not that great.. (plastic feels cheap compared to wagon r) , but brakes were reallly good. Wagon R computer is bit sluggish especially the ones with the anti collision crap installed.. if you decide to go for the Mira, get the Pixis instead as it would be easy to resell anything with a Toyota badge...just my opinion.. check these out
  8. He's right. Double check your recording, see if you are breaking any rules at the time of the crash i.e - not giving right of way, cutting a single line, overtaking on pedestrian crossing etc. Otherwise the cops will say that you were also breaking the rules at the time, just to give an excuse to let the monk get away. While you seek legal action, i would also suggest you write up your story along with video and photos and post it on social media (FB), and hopefully get some official's attention. There is a dedicated group on FB for car accidents in SL. If you are innocent don't let this incident get swept under the rug... no one should be above the law... Machan i know quite a few lawyers through my work, but not sure if they specialize in this area, i will check with them and pass them on to you if they can help.
  9. This gentlemen's car was hit by a tuk, and the driver fled the scene, if he files a complaint then it is a civil case against the driver. Owner of the vehicle is responsible for providing information on the driver (Name, NIC, etc) I didn't mention anywhere that police going to file case on behalf of anyone?
  10. What BS is this!!.. What area police is this?????? Fleeing after an accident is a civil case, and so is assault (this needs to be proven) but either way if you have filed a complaint then vehicle involved in the accident will be seized till a court order is issued (including yours). The OWNER IS liable for the damages (i.e. owners insurance) NOT the driver.. I was once involved in an accident, i was the driver and crashed into a wall, i left the vehicle to take my friend who was bleeding to the hospital. No other parties were involved... When i came back, van was being towed. police filed a civil case on me for fleeing the accident (but later dropped the charges because of the situation) and it took 3 weeks for my van to be released from the yard.. And because i was not there when the police arrived, i was denied insurance claim... they suspected i was DUI, which was not the case... I have a feeling this has all to do with the owner being a monk...
  11. Stryker

    Alto 2017 new perchase. Help me.

    If you can increase budget to upto 2.8mil you can go for Suzuki Wagon R 2017 (non FZ and Stingray versions) or a Suzuki Spacia 2016 (can get 2017 but with more mileage) or Suzuki Huslter 2017 or Daihatsu Mira 2017 (Rebadged Toyota Pixis) In terms of comfort - Wagon R and Spacia are the best. in terms of features and fuel consumption - i think Wagon R, Spacia, and the Japan Alto are almost the same. Alto will do slightly better but not a big difference. Wagon R has better interior in my opinion. In terms of resale value, all of the above will initially depreciate because when you register a vehicle the first time price will drop. But resale value will be stable for 1 or 2 lakhs below the same unregistered car price for some time. Unless government makes any tax changes.. who knows maybe resale value can even go up? If you're budget is strictly 2.5m you can buy the above mentioned vehicles either 2015/2016 year instead of 2017. Note - my brother in law works for a car sale and i have driven all of the above mentioned vehicles. if you are looking for a place to buy from please feel free to contact me. they specialize in only small cars.
  12. Stryker

    1st Gen RAV 4 ?

    Thanks, if/when i go offroading, it will be with friends, one of whom has a 1992 Pajero and the other a 2007 L200... so no need for a tractor but i might have to also invest in a winch for them
  13. Stryker

    1st Gen RAV 4 ?

    Thank you iRage for that detailed answer!. whichever rav4 i purchase i intend on replacing entire suspension (shocks, springs, bushes, mounts, hubs) - reserved 1 lakh just for this how do i find out what engine is on the vehicle? 3S-FE and 3S-GE? the last two owners of a 1996 and 1997 rav4 that i inspected were clueless...
  14. Stryker

    1st Gen RAV 4 ?

    Hello all, i have already searched the forum regarding this but no one has asked any of the questions i'm about to ask... i have recently decided to buy a 1st generation Rav 4 (1996,1997, 1998) considering my budget, which is around 2.3 milion MAX (i'm keeping a buffer of 2 more lakhs for any surprise repairs, insurance and few mods) 1. I would like to know what kind of repairs i can expect in a vehicle of this age? , roughly 200k+ on the odo... (most ads say they are under 160k but i call BS) 2. and if any issue arises will i be able to find parts easily? and please recommend a good repair shop/service center in Colombo, which isn't too costly to maintain this? 3. how reliable would a car like this be in this day and age? i will need to drive 400km trips up North and back, hopefully without breakdowns. 4. How good is the AWD system? i own 100 acres of land in the North, which is part muddy rainforest and part sand dunes, where i intend to take my Rav4 and have fun with (unless i get blown up by a land mine) Yes, i am also aware that the Hilux is the obvious choice, BUT for my budget i can only afford a mid 80's Hilux and i really don't like the interior in those, a bit too "ancient" for my liking.. Note - this would be my 2nd addition to my garage (already own a 3rd gen Prius for daily driving) and will be used mostly on weekends and occasional trips out of Colombo. and yes, i'm a Toyota fanboy. Thank you for reading this far and appreciate your answers.