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  1. Thanks @tiv for your input, is there like a permit or something I could get just for the LC? I really cant be arsed applying for a bus license, apparently you need to go through an extensive health check for it. Any other suggestions guys?
  2. Hi guys, I'm looking to buy a Jeep Wrangler Unlimited (preferably an original black). Have any of you guys seen one at a D*MO showroom or a car sale somewhere? I can't seem to find them anywhere. Thank you! I appreciate your suggestions.
  3. Dear Experts, Is there a way to drive my dad's 61- Land Cruiser (which falls under the motor coach category) using a dual purpose license? Do I have to get the number converted, or get a bus license? All of these options seem really unnecessary or expensive... is there another alternative for this? If not, what option would you suggest for me, and what's the process like? Thank you so much! I appreciate your feedback.
  4. Hi @tiv what's the name of the place you mentioned? I think its censored
  5. Hi @Twin Turbo Thank you for your response! I live in Colombo 04. What place would you recommend for me? Also, how much do you think it would cost? Thank you.
  6. Dear Experts, Do you know where I could find a chrome/steel spare wheel cover? Thanks so much. Appreciate all your replies! Similar to this one;
  7. Hey experts! My Suzuki Vitara 97's 4wd gear got locked in neutral a few days ago. My mechanic said some of the hubs, forks, and wheels in the transfer case were broken. So I purchased a transfer case from automan at koswatta for a reasonable price. The mechanic said the new transfer case looks good and he will have the gearbox repaired in a few days. He is now telling me that I need a new joint pole with a 'fatter glue' which comes with 16 threads to fit the new transfer case. My old joint pole has a 'thin glue' with 24 threads, but it doesn't fit the new transfer case. If you guys can help me out with this or help me to find a place where they sell joint poles for my vitara, I would be indebted to you forever. I'm looking for a place where I can buy a joint pole with a fatter glue & 16 threads or basically another solution to this. Thank you so much! I appreciate all your help and feedback. I have posted some pictures below of my old joint pole and transfer case.
  8. Hi @Twin Turbo Thank you for your reply! Yes my mechanic had a look at it. My 4wd broke down and my mechanic said all I needed was to replace the transfer case, which I helped him to procure. I found one at Automan in Koswatta, and brought it to him. But after fixing the transfer case, the mechanic tells me the transmission joint doesn't fit my old transmission joint pole. I need to find a transmission joint with a 'fatter glue' with 16 threads. My old joint pole has a 'thin glue' with 24 threads. I've been running all around trying to find one, but I didn't have any luck. Do you have tips for me? I would really appreciate it more than anything. Thank you so much for your reply. I have some pictures of my old joint pole and old transfer case. The new one is fitted inside the car so I couldn't take pictures of them.
  9. Hello experts, Do you know where I could buy a Suzuki Vitara 1997 Automatic gearbox? Please let me know guys! Thank you very much!
  10. Hi Ruslan! Thank you for your comment. I did a search on it, and this is all I have so far. What do you think?
  11. Thank you @TheFlyingFox ! That was really helpful. I do believe it the same model. Here's a screenshot from the RMV website. What do you think? Thanks a lot for your reply!
  12. hi @tilvin Thanks for your reply. It's a R2 engine and it seems to have all of its original parts. Do you still think its a bad idea? Could you please explain it to me, I'm an amateur when it comes to cars.
  13. Dear experts, I've been looking for a compact 4x4 for a while now. I was hoping I could get your honest opinion on a 1998 Suzuki Vitara 2 door model with a DIESEL converted engine. Do you think it's worth it? It's an AUTOMATIC too with 125k KM on it (as listed on the ad), and its below 2 million. Since I'm the only one who's going to be using this car, I would be fine with the space too. It comes with selectable 4WD too. I'll mainly be using it for mild city use, and occasionally to travel on a beaten path (no serious off-roading). I'm looking for a crossover that's easier to maintain and is reasonably comfortable too on tarmac roads. Please let me know what you guys think. I appreciate your invaluable feedback.
  14. @matroska @iRage @Indrajeedez @Crosswind Hi guys! Thank you so much for your feedback! I was hoping I could get your expertise on something. What are your thoughts on the RAV4 J 1996 3 door version? It's going for about 1.8 mil and I do believe it's a great vehicle for me. It fits all my requirements for sure. What is the value of this car in general? It's had over 150,000 km on it based on the ad details. I also managed to find a 3 door 1999 RAV4 L AWD for 2.1 mil, which later turned out to be a complete train-wreck. The exterior was great but it has gone through severe structural damage (front collision) based on a report from Car Checks. It has had well over 250,000 km on it + a few minor problems eg - with timing belts/covers, brake discs, box joint, corroded repairs, cracking shock mounts & arm bushes, leaking cv boot, expired tires, etc. How much would you pay for a car like that? or would you even bother? I'm very curious to know. The seller is confident he can sell it for 2.1 mil with the structural damages, etc. Thanks guys! Please let me know what you think. I really appreciate your feedback.
  15. Thanks Matroska! you're right about that. Do you think kei vans are reliable? I really just want something for home use. My sister will be using the car/van too on occasion and she can't drive manual cars..
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