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  1. I have a 2007 L200. Power steering fluid is leaking near the steering rack. Did not disassemble it to see the exact place yet. But Unit#d Mot#rs said the repair kit would cost around 64K. Does anyone know a place to buy the repair kit for a cheaper price ? A good quality aftermarket one is okay too
  2. Bro i got the Japanese one. But you can view it on a laptop and use the Camera tool on google translate to barely translate it Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Haha great joke... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. I heard some say even they got 23kmpl
  5. My car is a 2018 Premio. Its brand new. I worry a little about the fuel consumption. Long distance trips , the meter shows about 11 km / L. But ive heard some say it works 16km/L. Should i worry about this ? Is this normal ?
  6. The thing is ,the rear camera display shows some part of the rear fender and the brake light as well which im not satisfied about. i will post a picture tonight
  7. Guys today i went to Bara Stereos and installed a Kenwood DDX718 and Alpine(made in japan) reverse camera. Their Customer service is amazing, excellent. I would really recommend anyone anyday to that place. Over the years i have gone to many auto repair places. But all those places , the owner or the mech had attitude issues like they dont care about the customer. Lots of people try to rob us by asking for very high prices etc. but this place , the prices were fair too. Very professional guys no need to worry. Alpine cam was 11k. Kenwood gives adjustable guidelines which is fairly okay. But at night its not very clear. But can identify objects. I think its normal. ?
  8. Bro are you sure about the quality of the goods in Pettah ? I doubt they are good. Anyway , whats the shop you asked from in pettah ?
  9. At the moment Damro (pioneer dealer) has no Pioneer units for sale. They say they will receive the new shipment in a week. Pet#o Lanka have Kenwood and they have a model 718. I dont remember the exact model number. But its 718. It doesnt have Apple Car play,it is 65K. There was a model which had apple carplay was Pioneer 5150. It out of stock as well. Now i can find the 5750 model only. Are there anyone who have used Pioneer AVH5750xl ?
  10. guys are the backup cam s on most vehicles cheap non branded chinese ones ? Because i called one shop and the guy said they have cams ranging from 2500-10000 but they are not branded. He said that camera lens will break if we use the high pressure water gun to wash the car. Im kind of stuck here. Pet#o lanka said that they have kenwood reverse camera that will cost 18000 lkr. I think that is too much. What do you think ?
  11. So if the wire is available , no need to cut right ? How can i confirm this ?
  12. Does anyone know Backup Camera models that has Steering guided lines ? I dont know whats the real name for that thing.
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