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  1. Dear Experts We know that "rear drum brakes" has to be adjusted time to time where as "front disc brakes" are not required. What about "rear disc brakes" (in case, vehicles with all four disc brakes)?
  2. Dhaham

    Octane Booster

    Hi Friends Now, in SL, there are so many turbo charged Euro cars, which essentially need Octane 95. I have heard that, if Octane 95 was not available on the way, we could use 92, together with an "Octane Booster". (Not to be used always, But only for the occasions that we couldn't find 95). Is this True? If so, what are the recommended octane boosters which are available in SL market?
  3. Recently my 3008 met with a small touch. Handed over to Car Mart Ratmalana workshop. They did the job within one week including getting approval from insurance company. I'm satisfied with their service. Staff is friendly.
  4. Dear Mr.Hyaenidae Thanks for reminding me and inviting me to write the story of my ride. Yes, I'll do it. But I'm a slow writer. Therefore please give me few days.
  5. Dear friends. Thank you very much for your valuable comments and advices.
  6. Of course, I have a steep inclination to climb just after I left home. That is the main reason I started this practice. Any way, waiting one minute is not a problem for me provided running engine at idle speed is safe instead of increasing the temperature bit faster by driving slowly.
  7. Dear Friends I have a Peugeot 3008 (from Car Mart). Normally when we cold start a car its engine RPM will be little bit high (around 1,100RPM) for about one minute. My practice is, I keep the car idle until it becomes normal idle speed(750~800RPM), without driving. Is this practice good or bad or useless? Thanks in advance.
  8. Dear friends If we don't consider the fuel efficiency, can we drive Wagon R or Alto as a normal petrol car if Hybrid battery has expired?
  9. Thanks for your reply. What about Alto K10 Auto?
  10. Dear Friends I'm planning to buy a small auto gear car (to be used as an additional car) for 2~2.6Mn range. Japanese alto seems to exceed this price and those are not worth for current market price. What are your ideas about Alto K10 Celerio A-Star Perodua Elite Are there any known faults in those cars?
  11. No, they are made in France. You can check using VIN (chassis number). The first three digits of the VIN indicate manufacturer and country of manufacturing. The VINs of 3008s imported by Car Mart starts with "VF3", which indicates 1. Manufacturer is Peugeot 2. Country of manufacturing is France. I have seen that VINs of 3008s found in Japanese auctions are also starts with VF3, that means they are also France. However Japanese version are not imported to SL since there are no 1.2 turbos. In Sri Lanka, all the gray imports of 3008s are from UK. I haven't seen VINs of them. But they also must be from France. (Peugeot will never give a Chinese made one to UK domestic market).
  12. I think current season is "Euro Season" rather than "Pug Season". But most correct name would be "Turbo Season". Former government introduced engine capacity based tax structure targeting Japanese and Korean cars. But they forgot Euro cars. As a result mid range and high end Japanese and Korean vehicles became more expensive than equivalent Euro counterparts. So, people selected "comparatively" cheaper euros (and Japanese turbos). Prado replaced with Range Rover. Rav 4 replaced with 3008 and so on. That's why I also had to go for 3008. Cannot find equivalent Japanese SUV for that price.
  13. Ok. Agree with you. So, main action should be chemical sterilization. Then as a secondary / backup action, we can keep the car in sunlight one or two days.
  14. Is inside temperature limited to 50C? I thought it will be around 80C. I remember an incident that a child locked inside a car, which was in sunlight, died within 2-3 hours.
  15. Dear friends Do you have any idea regarding this. We know that if we keep a car in direct sunlight with Windows closed, the inside cabin becomes very hot. So, can we use it to sanitize the car cabin especially against COVID-19.
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