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  1. Dear Experts Suppose when we are in the middle of a long trip, if we heard the sound coming from brake pads (to indicate that brake pads are worn and have to be replaced), how many kilometers can we drive without damaging the brake disk? Specially when we are at outstations, we may not be able to find a genuine brake pad set from near by shops. So, is it ok if we drive the car home under this condition?
  2. I was told by a car importer that Peugeot 3008 imported by local agent, may not be made in France. Can any of you tell me whether it is correct or wrong. If any of you have purchased a 3008 from local agent, you can verify it by referring your CR (Certificate of Registration) and please let us know. Apart from prices & features, will there be a difference in built quality between UK version & local agent imported version?
  3. Dhaham

    Toyota passo

    I have used a Toyota Passo. Its a good car for family use. The mileage was 140k+ when we sell it. Didn't face much problems / major repairs.
  4. Hi All Thank you very much for your valuable comments. I'm new to this Auto Lanka forum. I noticed that some of you (such as iRage and Kush) are giving a very high contribution to this forum. That means you are allocating a considerable fraction of your valuable time to solve problems of others. Your effort is highly appreciated. Thank you very much, once again.
  5. In case of a tropicalized version imported by authorised local agent, will the situation be same or at least little bit more immune for our poor quality petrols?
  6. Is that 3008 a one imported by local agent (tropicalized version) or a one imported from UK (from other car importer)?
  7. 1. How to find it from VIN? 2. Is VIN same as Chassis number?
  8. Does it mean that Audi is more suitable than Peugeot for Sri Lanka? (Considering re-sale value, maintenance cost, availability of spare parts etc.)
  9. 1) Thank you very much for your valuable comments. Your answers covered points 2 & 3. However it will be better if I can get a more clear clarification on my 1st question. Will UK version of Peugeot 3008 be suitable for Sri Lankan conditions. (Especially for Petrol, Temperature range, humidity & road conditions). 2) I have one more question. I know that CRV Australian version is made in Thailand. What about CRV Japanese (JDM) version. Is it made in Japan or Thailand?
  10. I’m considering Honda CR-V & Peugeot 3008 for my permit. I need to get some points clarified. It would be much appreciated if you can help me. 1. In case of Peugeot, I Have two options. Either to buy from local agent (at a higher price for lesser options) or to import from UK. Will UK version be suitable for Sri Lankan conditions. (Especially for Petrol, Temperature range, humidity & road conditions). 2. In case of Honda CR-V, only option is Australian version. ( Local agent’s price & JDM price is not affordable for me). Will this be suitable for Sri Lankan environment? 3. Out of 3008 & CR-V, what will be more suitable to be used in Sri Lanka? Thanks in advance.