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  1. No, they are made in France. You can check using VIN (chassis number). The first three digits of the VIN indicate manufacturer and country of manufacturing. The VINs of 3008s imported by Car Mart starts with "VF3", which indicates 1. Manufacturer is Peugeot 2. Country of manufacturing is France. I have seen that VINs of 3008s found in Japanese auctions are also starts with VF3, that means they are also France. However Japanese version are not imported to SL since there are no 1.2 turbos. In Sri Lanka, all the gray imports of 3008s are from UK. I haven't seen VINs of them. But they also must be from France. (Peugeot will never give a Chinese made one to UK domestic market).
  2. I think current season is "Euro Season" rather than "Pug Season". But most correct name would be "Turbo Season". Former government introduced engine capacity based tax structure targeting Japanese and Korean cars. But they forgot Euro cars. As a result mid range and high end Japanese and Korean vehicles became more expensive than equivalent Euro counterparts. So, people selected "comparatively" cheaper euros (and Japanese turbos). Prado replaced with Range Rover. Rav 4 replaced with 3008 and so on. That's why I also had to go for 3008. Cannot find equivalent Japanese SUV for that price.
  3. Ok. Agree with you. So, main action should be chemical sterilization. Then as a secondary / backup action, we can keep the car in sunlight one or two days.
  4. Is inside temperature limited to 50C? I thought it will be around 80C. I remember an incident that a child locked inside a car, which was in sunlight, died within 2-3 hours.
  5. Dear friends Do you have any idea regarding this. We know that if we keep a car in direct sunlight with Windows closed, the inside cabin becomes very hot. So, can we use it to sanitize the car cabin especially against COVID-19.
  6. Yes foreign LC was opened without any delay. I opened local LC on 21/11/2019 and they had opened 28/11/2019. I received a photo copy of that. Is that incident happened due to not opening foreign LC?
  7. Dear vitz I'd like to know some more details on this incident. Can you please tell me this. Having the knowledge on this kind of incidents might be useful for me since I have become a new customer of [email protected] [email protected]
  8. With this link, we can fill our details and write our question. After that once we submit it, there is a message saying "forbidden"
  9. Yes because they start manufacturing after LC is opened ( as said by [email protected] [email protected], but not sure). So, VIN is not available in the LC. Is this not legal? Earlier, I imported a Vitz and I remember I had to mention chassis number in the LC.
  10. Does your uncle have contacts with Peugeot France? If so it would be much appreciated if you could give me those contact details (email address or something). Thanks in advance.
  11. No. It's manufactured because I got VIN about two months ago. According to that, YOM is 2019. Is there any emails or something to contact PSA group?
  12. Dear Friends I opened an LC for a Peugeot 3008 through local agent in November 2019. The car has been manufactured in December 2019 (I got the VIN). Unfortunately, from 5th December, 2019, there was very long running strike in transport sector in France and due to this, the car couldn't be shipped so far. Now, France has been locked down due to corona virus and therefore, the shipment date will be further delayed. Suppose the car was manufactured in the beginning of December 2019 and shipped at the end of April 2020. Then there will be five months since production. If shipment take one month, then it will be 6 months from date of manufacturing, to landing to Sri Lanka. My questions is, can this long delivery period affect / damage the car? Do (reputed) manufacturers follows any special procedures when there is such long delivery period after manufacturing? (I don't know whether the car is inside the stores, in open yards or inside the container box and we can't expect this type of information from our local agent). Thanks in advance.
  13. Dear Friends Central Bank publishes a three exchange rates daily. They are 1) Indicative Rate 2) Buying Rate 3) Selling Rate Out of them what is the rate used for calculation of luxury tax. For an example, if the CIF value of a certain vehicle is Euro 18,187.00, then for today (05/02/2020) The Indicative Rate is 1 Euro = LKR 200.2883 The Selling Rate is 1 Euro = LKR 203.5865 If the Luxury Tax is calculated using Indicative Rate, then Lux Tax will be (18,187 x 200.2883) - 3,500,000.00 = LKR 142,643.31 If the Luxury Tax is calculated using Selling Rate, then Lux Tax will be (18,187 x 203.5865) - 3,500,000.00 = LKR 202,627.67 Please let me know if you have any idea on this.
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