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  1. I take my car to L*l Alawa*ta Associates for servicing. They don't wash the vehicle. Their job seems to be much better than most of the service stations. All oil changes, filter changes, brake cleaning and adjustments etc done by mechanics under the supervision of Mr.L*l Alawa*ta. Another important thing is that they don't try to sell things unnecessarily. For example all other service stations change the oil filter every 5000 kilometres. But in this place they change oil filter once in 10000 kilometres which is similar to local agents do.
  2. Hi friends. In the internet, I have seen that WD-40 is used to remove Tar, tree Sap, bug etc from vehicle body. Is this recommended? Will it damage paint work? If it is not recommended, what will be the suitable chemical?
  3. Dear Friends I’m importing a Peugeot 3008 under my permit through “Car Mart. Their procedure is as follows. Car Mart (Pvt) Ltd issued a Proforma Invoice to me and I opened a local LC to them. Then Peugeot-France issued a “master” Proforma Invoice (for several vehicles) to Car Mart (Pvt) Ltd and Car Mart opened a “master” International LC to Peugeot. In following three documents, my name is correctly mentioned as “Amara******” 1: Permit 2: Proforma Invoiced issued by Car Mart, to me 3: Local LC opened by me to Car Mart However, in the following two documents, my name is incorrectly mentioned as “Amera******”. 4: “master” Proforma Invoice issued by Peugeot to Car Mart 5: “master” International LC opened by Car Mart to Peugeot I assume that, even in the Commercial Invoice, which will be sent by Peugeot, with the car, my name will be incorrectly mentioned. I just want to know 1. Will this be a problem when clearing the car. 2. Will this be a problem when registering the car under my name. 3. What are the actions that I need to take under this situation. Your comments will be highly appreciated
  4. Hi all. We have heard that, a brand new car should be driven at lower speeds or lower RPMs during first 1,000km or up to first service. Here I'm talking about Japanese or European reputed brands. Is this correct or applicable for modern cars? If so, what is the recommended speed limit or RPM limit?
  5. I think there is a small risk of keeping a trickle charger connected. In rainy days, lightening surges, which are coming through 230V AC supply, may enter in to the car's electrical system through the trickle charger. This may damage the sensitive electronic circuits. Therefore, I don't recommend keeping the charger connected for a long time, unattended. It will be a good idea to connect the charger with 230V AC supply through an isolation transformer and a good Surge Protecting Device (SPD).
  6. Dhaham

    How to Wash an EFI engine

    Yes, all service stations do wash engine. But I'm not sure whether they follow correct method and / or use proper material. I have seen some service stations spray kerosene to wash the engine. A*t* M*r*j uses a chemical called H2L (Not H2O) which doesn't conduct electricity according to them. Are H2L or kerosene suitable for this? Is it ok to use WD40 to clean the engine as shown in the above video? I prefer to do this type of things myself because, most of the workers who wash cars in service stations in Sri Lanka, are uneducated laborers. I have seen some times, when the brake oil level is in the "Max" level, they top up, up to the lid. Same thing happen for battery electrolyte level. When they do underwash, some times they use pointed nozzle instead of 40 degrees nozzle and keep the pressure gun very close to the under carriage. Yes it will remove mud completely. But it will remove the protective coating of under carriage as well. When tightening wheel nuts, almost all times, they use very high torque (using a long galvanized bar) than than required. That is how they break wheel bolt. We never can find professional car washers, plumbers, masons, electricians, carpenters etc. in Sri Lanka. So, I prefer to do every possible things myself.
  7. Anybody knows how to calculate luxury tax? Is it (CIF Value - 3,500,000.00) in case of petrol vehicles? For an example, if a CIF of certain vehicle is EUR 18,187, then on 20/11/2019, the selling rate of Euro is 201.8802 18,187 x 201.8802 = LKR 3,671,595 Therefore extra amount beyond 3,500,000 is LKR 171,595 Then luxury tax = 100% of extra amount = LKR 171,595 Is this calculation correct? Thanks in advance.
  8. Dear Experts. I have a Toyota Vitz 2018 (automatic transmission) and one day, when the car is running at about 30kmh, I put the shifter to "R" by mistake. There was a small "taka taka" sound and no any jerks or sudden stopping. Even after this has happened, both "D" and "R" works pretty well. I just want to know from you 1. Will there be any damage due to this? 2. Are there any safety mechanism in auto gear boxes to prevent damages at such incidents?
  9. Dear Experts I have a Toyota Vitz 2018 and I wish to Wash / clean it's engine compartment my self. (I get the inspection service done every 5000km at a workshop of a reputed automobile engineer; Not at a service station). At A**o M*r*j, I have seen they are using a chemical called H2L (not H2O). They say that this chemical doesn't conduct electricity and therefore it will not damage an EFI engine. A*W imports an engine degreaser called Sonax from Germany. I saw you tube videos of Sonax and according to those videos, they just spray Sonax degreaser in to engine and compartment, apply with a small brush and then WASH WITH RUNNING WATER. According to this video, washing engine with water is not harmful. I have observed that in my Vitz, at engine compartment, each and every wire coming into connecters, are going through small rubber bushes. I think this is to prevent water from entering in to connecters and sensors. So, according to my observation, washing engine with water can't damage it. So I expect your advises and comments regarding this.
  10. Dhaham

    Peugeot 5008 2019 Vs Montero 2013-2014

    I think fuel consumption also has to be considered unless you have enough money to burn any amount of fuel. Montero is a big SUV where as 5008 is a mid sized Cross over.
  11. Anybody knows new tax information for Peugeot 3008 1.2L Turbo?
  12. In this table, tax for Peugeot 5008 1.6L is given, which is not imported since tax for 1.6L is very high. Anybody knows new tax information for Peugeot 3008 1.2L Turbo?
  13. Dhaham

    Regarding Vehicle Importaition

    I have a personal experience regarding this. Last year I imported a Vitz and taken over the car from my clearing agent at Hambantota. Before that, I made a telephone call to Expressway Police to get confirm whether I can drive it to home (with Insurance cover note and chassis number displayed instead of registration number). Expressway Police replied that this is ok. However at Matara town, a police officer (NOT expressway police) stopped me and told that I can't drive the car to home in this manner. He further told that "වාහනේ අරගෙන ගෙදර යන වෙලාවේ කරදරයක් කරන්න කැමති නෑ. ඒක නිසා යන්න". So I left without further arguing, since he allowed me to go. I told that I got this clarified from Expressway Police. But he didn't care about it. May be some police officers "making new laws" or "bending the law". I expect your comments on this (specially If there are lawyers or police officers in this forum).
  14. Dear Experts Suppose when we are in the middle of a long trip, if we heard the sound coming from brake pads (to indicate that brake pads are worn and have to be replaced), how many kilometers can we drive without damaging the brake disk? Specially when we are at outstations, we may not be able to find a genuine brake pad set from near by shops. So, is it ok if we drive the car home under this condition?
  15. I was told by a car importer that Peugeot 3008 imported by local agent, may not be made in France. Can any of you tell me whether it is correct or wrong. If any of you have purchased a 3008 from local agent, you can verify it by referring your CR (Certificate of Registration) and please let us know. Apart from prices & features, will there be a difference in built quality between UK version & local agent imported version?