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  1. Can anyone can explain what the exact name of this tube,purpose of this and why does steam is coming out of this tube? (Toyota townace cr 27 2C engine)
  2. whin i pulled out the injector horse ( dont know correct word, hence picture was attached) little steam is come out.some oil signs also there.but there no any oil reduction.is it sign of wearing off the engine ( toyota cr 27 2C)
  3. thanx i ll try that.
  4. How can i find the sign of low compression?
  5. After it heated it starts easily, if it start once then it dosent requre cyclic heating it starts by one click.
  6. Why do I have to heat my van 3 or 4 times to start the engine? Only in the morning. If it heats once, it dosent start? But if it is heat sevaral times engine starts without any trouble.(switch on and wait until heat indicator turned off then again switch off and again on and wait like that)
  7. Why does it require manual fuel pumping to start the engine (Toyota cr 27 2C engine) morning? It hapens when I leave my vehacle 3,4 days withot starting the engine but after start it works fine whole day. Why does it happen?