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  1. Thanks mate, Btw the jeep has the big mud tyres , will this help or you think I need to change it
  2. Hi Mate, Its a 2446 CC And thanks so much for the explanation
  3. Hi Guys I have got a Land cruiser prado LJ78 and have got the following concerns; 1. The engine light is on and when scanned its said to be an electrical issue and no major concern according to the technical guy, Is this serious concern to keep the jeep running? 2. Is it mandatory to have a turbo timer ? 3. What would be the exact steps to get the vehicle on 4WD? What are the uses of H4? I am new to the jeep category and learning with experience, appreciate your feedback and suggestions. Thanks
  4. Hi need advice on contacts to service the car rack of my Toyota Corolla 121, since I hear some unusual noice on not rough terrain. I heard it’s a usual thing with Corolla, is this true? Best option is to replace or repair? Regards ravi
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