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  1. Giggy

    How is Peugeot 306?

    206 is good or 406 is good?
  2. Giggy

    How is Peugeot 306?

    Bro then you should experience in 306. Can you advise me on it
  3. Giggy

    How is Peugeot 306?

    My Budget is 13 lakhs. Can you please suggest me some cars
  4. Giggy

    How is Peugeot 306?

    This is my first car I am gonna buy. I thought rather than going for fb 13 n all. I can go for this for my budget. But I concern about the fuel consumption and services where I should not worry in future. I think rather than going for Hyundai Accent or Kia Rio. This is better. If you can hep out with this, it would be a huge help thanks
  5. Giggy

    How is Peugeot 306?

    Yes it is hatchbag. How much will cost dor the regular service?
  6. Giggy

    How is Peugeot 306?

    its hatchbag automatic. how fuel consumption and services
  7. Guys, Can someone tell me about Peugeot 306 hatchbag 1997?
  8. Giggy

    KIA Rio vs Hyundai Accent

    Hi experts. Going for a Hyundai Accent 2001 good or Nissan FB 13 or Toyota Vista 19s good? And I need the fuel consumption of FB 13 and Toyota Vista and Camry?
  9. Giggy

    KIA Rio vs Hyundai Accent

    Fuel consumption?
  10. Hi experts, I am planning to buy a car. I need to know about KIA Rio(auto) and Hyundai Accent(auto). Since I am not expert, I need your advice. The cars I have mentioned here year 2000 & 2001. Please tell me about the fuel consumption also.