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  1. BlueRaiden

    Allion A18

    Buddy you are a lucky person to find a good 1.8. When i was searching i didnt come up with a nicely maintained 1.8. I would have take it in a heartbeat. So dont think 1.5 has better resale value than a 1.8. 1.8 always has the upperhand if it was taken care of properly.
  2. BlueRaiden

    Parking vehicle with front wheels at an angle

    Thanks @ramishkad @ajm. This is what i wanted to know.
  3. Hello guys....i have two general questions... 1. Is there any mechanical issue\disadvantage if I park my car with front wheels not straight? 2. When the car is stationary, does rotating steering wheel put any additional stresses and wear and tear to steering linkage and EPS system? Thank you.
  4. BlueRaiden

    Vitz Meter reading

    Spot fuel consumption is only shown when the vehicle is not stationary. Is it the same when the vehicle is moving?
  5. BlueRaiden

    Which octane for Premio 2018

    92 is enough. unless you have some deep pockets. Octane type based on engine compression ratio. Higher octanes used on high compression engines to eliminate knock/misfire. Premios and allions use 1NZ-FE engine (1.5) which runs perfectly on 92.
  6. BlueRaiden

    Axio - New shocks or 'used' shocks?

    I changed rear shocks of my 2008 allion three weeks ago.Toyota quoted somewhere around 45k (whole kit) for each while the kyb was 16k. Toyota kandy guys said they dont have the shock absorber alone. After changing i feel like the suspension is little bit stiffer but it is tolerable.
  7. BlueRaiden

    Honda Insight 2019 vs Toyota Premio 2019

    My one doesn't have 9 leds for the brake lights only 4. Thanks for the info buddy. Didnt know that before.
  8. BlueRaiden

    Honda Insight 2019 vs Toyota Premio 2019

    Can you explain about it more. Is it specific to 2013 and newer models? I have 2008 allion. It doesn't have passenger air vents. Only front vents for legs and face.
  9. BlueRaiden

    Shock absorber for aqua

  10. BlueRaiden

    360 Bird's eye camera calibration

    You can draw lines on the ground or use a thread to mark out two frames. One close to the car perimeter and the second around half meter away from the first one. (More apart these two, the more accuracy you get.) You can use the overlapping points to calibrate the system. Mind if i ask you where did you get the system fixed? They should be competent enough to do it for you the proper way.
  11. Sound when running or breaking? If it is a rattling sound when driving on rough roads shocks might be on the way out.
  12. BlueRaiden

    Grace 2015 or Axio 2015 or Premio 2012 ?

    I also recommend you to buy the Toyota from the list. Look for a well maintained car with records. (Preferably service records and import documents as well). Also with no makabass modifications. A basic car is better than one with bells and whistles fitted in srilanka, even for the same price. Look for a specimen with one owner only. It is gonna be a real difficult to find such a vehicle. Also it wont be cheap. (In my case i bought a 2008 allion 2 years ago for more than 1.5 laks above the market price. Made peace with that decision given that i will be using it for the next 6 or 8 years.) It wont have the latest tech but will serve you reliably to get from point a to point b. It is a simple, moderate comfortable vehicle with average fuel economy and space. Typical Toyota feel is there and it is good for long drives. Some guys may not like it much. I bought the car at 80k and added nearly 20k. So far i have done only the routine service, rear shock replacement and one hid bulb replacement. Look out for ac and cvt issues. They are the weakest points in allions and premios. And most jdm cars. Dont buy it for the market value or fuel economy. I have seen the trend where allions and premios loose value now. (All cars depreciate anyway) And if you buy such a car please please maintain it properly. Dont take shortcuts. (Dont take it to other agents like the guy in another thread did 😆😆.) It will be good and cheaper for you in the long run. Toyota 161 axio is also a good choice. but you will loose some space. again the key factor is maintenance.
  13. BlueRaiden

    Allion 260 AC compressor repairing

    Check the above thread. It has a place recommended by an AL member Ac compressor solenoid valve can be changed but there is a good chance that all internals are worn out as well. So it might be a waste of money.
  14. BlueRaiden

    Allion 260 AC compressor repairing

    I've seen lot of cases where ac compressors were replaced. But i don't know if it is repairable. (or cost effective) TL most certainly dont undertake repairs. They just replace with orginal new parts.
  15. BlueRaiden

    Toyota Allion 2009 NZT260 80K service advice

    If you dont know the situation of the cvt oil, better do it now and start a record. I changed my cvt oil from TL. And yes they do full service including magnets and oil pan. You should instruct them specifically to do that and also they add some extra cost. Costs are higher now. I did this on September 2017