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  1. Its cs1 , efi engine.
  2. He was a Senior person at Mag, i was inquiring him about Mitsubishi's and Lancer's he recommended me this car as one of the best he has seen
  3. Well, before my purchase of the car I did a fitness test in mag city and that didnt indicate any issues also the person at mag assured me for the next five years ill not have any problems with the vehicle. Can sumone pls recommend me a gud place to do a gud compression test ??
  4. Ohhhh thanks I didnt know this at all, in that case do I have any special attentive factors to be considered as Im new to use a lancer
  5. Mine is a cs1 1.5l glx auto
  6. Hey thanks for that, and its cs1 auto 1.5 glx
  7. Auto, I had to change the spark plugs once
  8. Hey its 1.5l buh cs1 cause my chasis no has CS1A auto
  9. Hey thanks btw I normally full tank its around 46liters in city traffic totally does around 300km wats full tank method actually??? I normally Drive in city traffic only. In that case wat would be the cost of a t timing belt replacement
  10. @gNaveendra currently does around 7kmpl , if I go to a garage would I be able to find whether the t belt is replaced??
  11. Hey everyone, I owe a 1.5l lancer cs1 glx engine type car. Im usin it for the past 1 year i've done around 3 tuneups almost buh still fuel consumption is damn high, is it common or do I have sum issue with my car??? Also if anyone can tell me how do I find whether the timing belt is replaced?? Thanks in advance
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