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  1. Renushan

    Auto Gear Shifting

    Thanks. Any ideas
  2. Renushan

    Auto Gear Shifting

    Hi, When stop a car which has auto transmission , what is the correct way?. its feel some shock when shift to D when the start the car 1st time of the day. Some one advised me to shift the gear lever to N then stop the engine and pull the lever to P position to fix this . Is that correct ?. Tks
  3. Renushan

    Bump of rear wheels

    Thanks all for replying . Also comment about changing suspension (coil spring and shockabsobers ) can fix this.
  4. Renushan

    Bump of rear wheels

    Thanks for replying for this.There are no issue with tyres but didnt check wheel balance. I think this car has poor rear suspension. Other cars of this model have the same issue. Cn someone explain me that its depends on the performance of rear coil spring and shockabsobers which use for this model and change of the coil or shockabsobers will fix this issue?
  5. Renushan

    Bump of rear wheels

    Hi, i got japan Alto 2016 model. Done 16000 kms. It feels a bump when sitting on a rear seat. Its feel lot when drive on a rural roads. On a good carpet road its feel little bump. I experience it with anothor alto which belongs to my friend . On a same surface indian alto got good rear suspension . Can we fix this? Changing spring coil or shock will work?
  6. Renushan

    Engine oil.

    Hi Needed to change engine oil of my mazda carol 2016 . please tell me what is the recommended oil for it. as per the SuZuki Alto manual. it says Grade without turbo car Exeter F SN / GF-5 0W-20 Turbo car Exeter F SL 5W-30 my car is a L grade 2wd car. Thank You
  7. Renushan

    ABS of Viva Elite

    Hi, will it take high maintaining cost for Viva elite ABS models, when ABS going out of work, or will it be low maintenance cost for non ABS models. I needed to select a model which has low maintaining cost. some says ABS model are very expensive (Maintaining) Tks
  8. Renushan

    small japan car with good fuel economy

    Any one can advice me about suzuki cervo 2008 limited(no turbo), about the car fuel economy and spares availability Tks
  9. Renushan

    Sunny FB14 or March AK12

    What about susuki Liana 2004
  10. Renushan

    Sunny FB14 or March AK12

    Thank you very much..
  11. Renushan

    Sunny FB14 or March AK12

    thanks all, still i coudnt find a car which suits me, its 5 or more cars in my mind japan alto 2004 March AK12 2002 AE100 (Manual gear) 1995 Susuki Swift 2000 - both manual and auto or any one can suggest me a car which have good fuel efficiency arround 16km/L tks
  12. Renushan

    Sunny FB14 or March AK12

    k thanks
  13. Renushan

    Sunny FB14 or March AK12

    somebody help me to select a car which have good fuel efficiency from MArch AK12 and FB14, the car drives short distance arround 10 to 30 Km.
  14. Renushan

    Sunny FB14 or March AK12

    what is the best from fb14 1300cc or 1500cc with manual transmission. is there big difference between auto and manual in fuel efficiency of fb14
  15. Does it have good fuel economy than starlet (carrot) and AE 110. Is there any exact model of swift to concern before buy ? Tks.