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  1. nuwan26

    Heating problem toyota townace cr 27

    friend..check heating plugs one by one..we had liteace van few years ago.had same issue. once plugs replaced it worked.but need to replace correct one..we had to replace plug 3- 4 times.then we went to another garage.they said we have replaced wrong plugs.they replace correct one and then it worked perfectly.
  2. nuwan26

    Toyota townace 1993 engine heat problem

    1-yeah fans pushing air through condenser.to downside.not pulling. 3-yeah air pushing through condenser.so this way is right. if i turn it. then i have to reverse or do something to fan. 5-A/C man said this is the condenser that using for dual conversion.now he said now he only have to install pipe line with vents and joint them.he showed me how it's doing that.but i can't remember it now. but at the beginning, he said something like that.he said there is 2 ways. install this condenser or joint another condenser to exisiting condenser(factory one).i had no idea.so i choosed this..seems like joining another condenser to old one is good way.i assume it's installing front of radiator with old condenser..so there is no barrier to air flow.
  3. nuwan26

    Toyota townace 1993 engine heat problem

    yes it's used one.he told me that factory condenser can't cool much.he showed me lot of removed factory condensers.that removed by front a/c vans and fitted with used dual fan condenser. as you assumed it fan pushing air to down side..so if we change fins side we have to reverse fan...but do you think it's possible because it's having dc motor..but i will check is there something to do.. is there any working temperature for condenser? if we change fins side will condenser over cool or something? what do you thing about removing finds? it's risky for condenser? yeah.vehicle not overheated before.only with A/C engine heat getting high. what we do for that gas problem?should we change it for different gas?i don't know tubes running in which side..can i see it through fins?
  4. nuwan26

    Toyota townace 1993 engine heat problem

    the guy who fitted this condenser told me to clean radiator..what's thats mean? cleaning surface or cleaning inside?(like flushing)
  5. nuwan26

    Toyota townace 1993 engine heat problem

    Hi,Thank you very much reply. i think this one don't have clutch system because it's running once engine starts.it's not starts after engine heats. yeah.original one removed and fitted new condenser at bottom. yeah i'm going to replace cap and if it's not working i will check thermostat valve too.
  6. nuwan26

    Toyota townace 1993 engine heat problem

    Hi, Thank you very much for reply. actually there is no space to fit this condenser in front of the radiator.factory fitted radiator is small than this.(thin) if the reason is blocked airflow..is there any way to increase radiator cooling speed...like speeding up fan, to do something with valve and increase coolant flow or something like that?
  7. nuwan26

    townace cr27 251 vs hiace 56

    oooops...it's better keep existing engine.i'm pretty happy with my engine power. hahaaa..
  8. nuwan26

    townace cr27 251 vs hiace 56

    friend, can we turbo charge normal engine? if yes..normally how much will cost? or we need to replace turbo engine?
  9. nuwan26

    Toyota townace 1993 engine heat problem

    oooh.kiyanna amathaka una..rainy day wala heat eka adu..hodata wahina welawata a/c eka full dammath engine heat eka 50% wage thiyenne..normal day wala wage wadi wenne na..
  10. nuwan26

    Toyota townace 1993 engine heat problem

    aluth condenser eka hinda radiator ekata ena air flow eka block wela kiyala matanam hithenne..
  11. nuwan26

    Toyota townace 1993 engine heat problem

    Hello harsha, Thank you very much for your fast response. 1-it's normally taking sometime..not too fast..increasing slowly.it's taking normally half an hour i think. 2-heat eka mark karapu levels wala nawathinawa.highway eketh same.mark karapu levels walata wada increase wenne na..but traffic eke heat eka increase wenawa.a/c high level ekedi traffic eke yanna ba...red line eka lagatama enawa..A/C off karama adu wenawa ayemath normal level ekata( 50%. as marked on image) 3- mileage 199000 2 months wage mama aragena..engine repair karenam na..but oil gahana prashna ehema na..garage deka thunakinma kiwwa engine eke aulak na kiyala.. 4-coolant ekama eka dawasai adu une bottle eke sathi dekakata wage kalin...radiator eke adu une na..ayemath bottle eka fill kara tikak...but ayemath adu une na. condenser eken air flow eka yatata ewanne.ground ekata...condenser eka yatin atha thiwwama air flow ekak enawa danenawa hodatama..and condenser fan dekama wada karanawa hodata..
  12. friends, toyota townace (1993) van ekak thiyenawa..kalin A/C wada kare na. eka nisa A/C eka upgrade kara.. kalin thibune engine radiator eka issaraha ekatama set karapu condenser ekak.but eka remove karala aluthen vehicle eka yatin tikak loku condenser ekak set kara workshop eken.fan dekak thiyena tikak loku ekak..dan A/C hodata thiyenawa. but dan thiyena aula heat eka wadi wenawane...mama images attach kara aluth condensor eka, and heat levels..a/c eke normally heat eka 50% wage. a/c dammama wadi wenawa. mama mark karapu heat levels normalda? engine ekata hoda nadda? a/c workshop ekennam kiwwa radiator eka clean karanna kiyala..thermostat balanna kiyala...oyala mokada hithanne?solution ekak thiyada?nathnam aluth condenser eka van ekata match wenne nadda? radiator eke coolant or engine oil adu wenneth na..aluthenma damma okkoma..habai lagadi dawasaka coolant extra tank eke thibuna coolant okkoma empty wela thibuna.but radiator eke coolant full thibuna.