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    Suzuki swift 2004 ATF Fluid type

    Hi Friends, Time has come to change the ATF on my car. It is a suzuki swift 2004 model (Japan jeep type model). unfortunately I am unable to make a contact with the last owner to ask the type of ATF fluid he used. So I would be grateful if some one would tell me what is the ideal brand and the type of the oil I should purchase. Thanks & Regards
  2. Hi Guys, My car's O/D light keep blinking when driving. it's suzuki swift 1.3 YOM 2004 automatic. There is no issues when shifting through the gears(hard shifting or slipping) Any opinion in this regard is highly appreciated. Thanks & Best Regards.
  3. fakeside

    Trunk Central Lock Not Working

    I solved the puzzle…root case was short circuit in the wire harness which coming through the top right corner of the tail gate. There were no issues in latch or actuator , It took nearly a month to figure out my problem. Thank you, friends for your help and support.
  4. fakeside

    Trunk Central Lock Not Working

    Thanks for the idea friend, actually it's 2 wire. I'll try this and get back to you soon..
  5. fakeside

    Trunk Central Lock Not Working

    Hi Davy, I tried everything you mentioned dear. My actuator is not a sealed type so I was able to remove the actuator housing by myself and found the motor and it works perfect when I press the remote key lock-unlock buttons. But the thing is when the door is in closed position actuator unit does not function. I can't agree with The Sig because I can feel the power of the actuator(motor) when I press the remote key while holding the steel rod that linked to the motor.
  6. fakeside

    Trunk Central Lock Not Working

    Hi Guys, Appreciate the prompt response. is there a permanent fix? will I have to replace the whole actuator unit or is it possible to replace only motor?
  7. Hi Friends, I have a 2004 Suzuki swift 1.3 (HT51S). couple of days ago I found that my car trunk central lock actuator not working when the door is closed. when the door is opened locking mechanism works perfect with the car remote. (trunk can be locked using the car Key) . Can some one tell me what is the cause of this particular problem Thanks.