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  1. Hi friends, I have checked the forum to see whether there is any thread regarding this car (Toyota VITZ 2018), However since i did not find satisfactory information or relevant information i am looking for , I would like your feedback here . So please share your knowledge in detail for me to make a wise decision. I was looking to buy a new car and came across this new Toyota VITZ 2018 model which is really looking great. I went to a car sale to check the car physically than having an idea from pictures, and i really like the car the way it is designed , good boot space, good leg space behind compared to any other cars for that range. It's a 1000cc engine car and it was said it's fuel efficient. The Price goes for about 4.6 million. To be honest , as it's toyota , I'm not afraid as it is reliable . However i would like your reviews and opinions before considering purchasing, I have few questions, 1-Is it worth for 4.6 million? (would it have much depreciation or be a car like coralla 121 which still has demand/high second hand price)Considering the pile up of vehicles in srilanka, the government may increase the tax to avoid personal transport in future which could still keep the price of the car higher.(assumption) I'm aware that we have to consider the depreciation of cars, It is not an investment , however i want to make sure that it could be easily traded just in case if i want to sell and have less depreciation or better price/Second hand market . Other factors- please advise 2-Is it fuel efficient ? 3-Is there any other cars you would recommend to your friend for this price or BELOW? ( New or reconditioned cars . I wouldn't want to go for a used car for that price range since i don't consider buying used cars for that price range as a worthy option as it could lead to repairs and more stressful situations {advice me if i'm wrong} 4-If you were to choose the vitz, Would you buy the 2018 model or 2017 or 2016 or 2015 . considering some factors & price (Please mention) I know i have asked a lot. It's that i want to make an informed decision. Please advice as you would advice your one good friend. Thank you