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  1. Thank you very much for yours fruitful feedback brother..
  2. Thank you very much for yours detailed feedback brother..
  3. Dear Friends, I have been using My Premio 2013 since 2 years and its a superb car where no complaints to be made at all... Anyhow, with the time, i am having a desire of Upgrading it to a Montero 2013-Petrol/Diesel to attain my 1st jeep experience in my life. Hence from my beloved jeep experts out there appreciate if you can give me a real purchasing decision of this jeep as my max budget is 12M. Should be Black color and preferably with low mileage and C** Numbers, Petrol/Diesel doesn't matter as i do basically city travel.(Just office to home-25 km a day). Thought of Prado 2010 model too but its too bulky and too large for me to handle as this is for just me , wife and my son. 1.Is worth buying a Montero 2013 - Black color preferably to that price?Is White more market?(Petrol or Diesel doesn't matter) 2.I do normally city travel during traffic so petrol is fine and how is the real petrol consumption? 3.Spare parts/services expensive? 4.Second hand markets fluctuates ?as i have a desire of using at least another 3-5 years?I know its not like Premio market but will it be there a significant depreciation? 5.Can we expect significant repairs only specific to this model?As i was been a TOYOTA FAN and impressed alot about its reliability with zero maintenance as this is the first time im trying a Mitsubishi. Expecting all the JEEP Expert's fruitful feedback... Thanks in advance Guys☺️
  4. Toyota Premio G 2013
  5. Thank you brother for your down to earth opinion..
  6. Yes brother it has...I feel nearly 70 lacks above for another Toyota Car model which is almost similar to my present one is too much..Thats why i was seeking some alternatives.
  7. Dear i Rage, Always value and admire your comments as you are such a Gentlemen who honestly opine the forum topic in an extraordinary manner !!! Thank you very much.. Just one last thing,what would be the depreciation vise? Over the time is Premio Depreciation is much lesser than BMW ? As far as i believe it is proven when it comes to market price analysis..But i need your concern when it comes to SL markets. Because brother i honestly bought my Premio 2013 for a good price to Permit but still it hold a good resale value which always makes me happy as a typical Sri lankan who has invested immense of hard earned money on wheels.
  8. Yes brother..I still feel the same... Face lift model looks like a Honda Face sometimes😃
  9. Dear Members, Im using a Premio 2013 Model G Superior Version for the last 2 years.Love the car and its awesome for my daily requirements as honestly im a Toyota Lover...My monthly running will be just about 500 km up and down to office in ward place and to my Nugegoda house.Mostly the car is just parked and kept. But now when i see the new Premio face lift model (2017 above) mostly in the road i feel badly to upgrade my car,but when i see the 520D BMW model i feel some different taste.... I have never owned BMW before,as i have well heard due to second hand market,economical value,less parts cost & services in SL conditions Toyota models with relaible Japanese technology is more ideal than BMW... My Dear Premio & BMW Users, I need your guys expert opinion to compare and contrast the best suit car for me to upgrade from my current 2013 Premio before this year end.... Year 2017 Premio or 2013 BMW 520d??? 1.What are the options and features i should care when i go for BMW? 2.What are the real differences between 2017 Premio & BMW 520 D 2013 ? 3.Any competitive advantages?What would be the oppertunity cost of loosing a toyota and when going for BMW? Many thanks guys in Advance.. As i know your expert opinion matters than so called Motor Veterans in sri lanka...
  10. Dear Don, Thank you very much for your detailed analysis and it is very helpful...Let me go ahead with security alarm as well as cable for the mirror inside and see..God knows what else will happen 🙏
  11. Dear i Rage,the Road is next to Jetwing Colombo 07. So called posh colombo 07 houses are there ..Unfortunately mine was parked near an old house where an old couple only stays without CCTV or anything..i think my Bad Luck,,,or Karma..
  12. True brother,but the thing is still i will lose the item and and imagine if its gone to Panchikawaththa ...
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