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  1. Lakshmanwedi

    Honda Grace

    I have a Honda Grace 2015. Suddenly, I noticed an issue. When I try to move forward, after stopping it on a small hilly area, the car moves backwards. This happens till I get enough acceleration for pick up. So, now I have to hold the hand brake and accelerate so that it won't move backwards. This is very embarrassing. Is it time to change gear oil? It has run for 30000 km. Your experience will be helpful.
  2. Lakshmanwedi

    Honda Grace Gearbox question

    I have a Honda Grace 2015. It has done only 30000 KM. When I stop in traffic on small uphills, the moves back slowly. I need to apply handbrake to get it moving forward without letting it mov eback. What can cause this issue? Can it be the time to change gear oil? Appreciate for your advice.