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  1. Hi guys,according to the toyota yaris 2017 manual,they recommend tire rotation as follows at 2nd service(about 10,000km),i rotated as above(front & rear wheels were rotated without crossing).now 3rd service is imminent & i wanna know which way to rotate tires this time. thank you in advance
  2. Optimus3000

    Tire Pressure - Vitz KSP130

    Convert then into PSI( pounds per square inch)values using an online converter..but I usually use 30psi for all for tires for smooth driving(subjective figure). For front tires,due to engine weight company recommend a bit higer pressure than rear wheels..
  3. Optimus3000

    what is this part in toyota vitz?

  4. Optimus3000

    what is this part in toyota vitz?

  5. Optimus3000

    what is this part in toyota vitz?

    Thanks a bunch.I was trying to figure out what it was.will fix it after taking to a garage
  6. Optimus3000

    what is this part in toyota vitz?

    I noticed this small part(photos attached) fallen in the ground next to my vitz 2017 in the garage.its made up of rubber. do you guys have any idea on what this could be? thanks in advance
  7. what are the correct steps to start /stop an automatic car? I used to press brake pedal and stop the car.then put the gear to "N" mode.then apply handbrake and afterward put into "P " Mode. when starting,i put again to "N" mode while pressing brake pedal.then lower the hand brake & put back to "D" mode.. I wanna know is this the correct way especially when vehicle has to be stopped in an uphill or downhill? thank you in advance
  8. Optimus3000

    Question Regarding replacing Cabin AC filter

    Gentlemen,Answers to the questions you have posed are as follows: 1.yes its a 2017 model.mileage is about 15,000km 2.i scrutinized the cabin filter once it was taken out at service centre.it has torn out frankly & multiple tears were visible to naked eye 3.Whenever there was fogging of the windshield,most of the time i used to take out side air & set it hit at windshield to defog quickly.i think it may be the reason why the original filter got this plight at 15,00km. 4.please recommend me a place to buy a VIC or denso filter which is compatible for vitz 2017 5.Currently i replaced with following one.looks like a fake one despite it mentions genuine Toyota spare parts as its price was 1900/= P.S really appreciate all your prompt support/expertise given to a novice like me.thank you
  9. Optimus3000

    Question Regarding replacing Cabin AC filter

    Thanks a bunch for your explanation,Mr.Davy.
  10. Guys,I'm owing a vitz 2017.Recently service centre said the Cabin Air filter should be replaced as it is worn out.Price of it in Toyota lanka is about 11,000Rs. But in Laughs and other service centers it is available in the price range of 2000-3500Rs. If i use the cheaper one, will it harm the Entire AC system of the car?or can i go ahead with cheaper one for few more months? Need your opinion/expertise regarding this issue thank you in advance
  11. Guys,what is the best and durable Car USB charger available for a price range of 2000-3000Rs in sri lanka according to your experience? (E.g Phillips, LDNIO etc ) Thank you
  12. Guys I'm having an issue with buying a compatible spare wheel/space saver for Toyota vitz 2017 (Tyres- 165/70R14) Contacted many Tyre shops, ######.lk advertisements and i got negative results. Can any one recommend me a place to purchase a space saver/spare wheel as follows in colombo or suburbs? Thank you in advance
  13. Thank you for sharing your expertise.In fact,its a comprehensive explanation which cleared all my doubts as i was skeptical on my first Car service .
  14. Thank you bro.but particularly i wanna know about Recommended category of Toyota engine oil (I.E SAE 5W-30 or SAE 10W-30 ) and type of Oil filter and other things to be done at first service? I'm gonna get the service done by Laughs car care
  15. Guys,I wanna know your opinion on doing first vehicle service from Laughs car care as the purchased company gave first 3 services free of charge. (Toyota VITZ 2017 KSP 130; Reconditioned; ,Mileage 6000Km ) questions 1.What is the Recommended brand of Engine oil and type of Oil filter for a toyota vitz KSP 130 which need to be replaced at first service? 2.What are the other things to be done at first service other than changing engine oil/filter and engine clean up during first service? Thank you