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    Allion 2006 vs Axio 2008 or Vitz 2015

    Dear Matroska, Thanks a lot for the helpful response and the welcome. I am traveling SL for vacations and will be using the vehicle on those days to travel long distances. On the other days my sister will be using the vehicle as a secondary vehicle for short distances (3KM). Fuel is not much a concern, I will be changing the vehicle again after 3 years where i am concerned about the resale value. Look and the comfort will be a requirement considering above necessities.
  2. Dear Members, Need ur advise on buying one of these cars while the budget is 3.8 million. Please advise. Allion 2006 Axio 2008 Vitz 2015 Not a heavy user. Worried abt the look and resale value.