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  1. @Hyaenidae thanks , I learn lot from these, Where can I find these books ?
  2. @nagaya Thanks help, it help me lot. anyone please give me more details about civic,
  3. if anybody can reply to this, that would be great help. http://autolanka.com/forums/topic/20018-honda-civic-es8-rs-2003-vs-mitsubishi-lancer-glx-2002-vs-mitsubishi-lancer-cs3-2003/
  4. Honda Civic ES8 RS 2003 vs Mitsubishi Lancer GLX 2002 vs Mitsubishi Lancer CS3 2003 Hi All, I'm new this forum, I'm looking to buy one of above mention car. Prices(Internet resource) Honda Civic ES8 RS 2003 = 23Lak Mitsubishi Lancer GLX 2002 = 21Lak Mitsubishi Lancer CS3 2003 = 22Lak Please give any idea about these vehicles, which one is good for above prices, which one has more features or less issues, also if any one can explain bit about CS1,2,3, KS8,3,Ek3 , GLX appreciate your small help. Image attached.
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