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  1. Hi all, if you guys have n wgn English user manual please share it with me, (need it so badly) anyway if you have mange to translate from Japanese to English, please be kind to share with me.. huge help Thanks in advance.
  2. dont mind my ignorance ,, is honda new cars reliable as decades ago? (in this case kei cars??), let me describe reliable here, older generation used to say if you buy a honda its enough for a life time (quality of the product) and i still see old honda cd 70 s running in rural areas like bulls and they over loaded ,, i prefer the honda too but since spacia mild hybrid, there is a tax reduction ,but i wound mind to go for a quality. its good to compare and choose and my importer waiting for my decision , since im noob i research using any resource , i have few questions could you give me anything on those plz 1. as above new honda kei cars in good quality like in old days ? lets forget spacia for a moment 2. i live close to capital, but is spare parts available for honda n box? spacia is already a hit so i think its not a prob. 3.does honda has an authorized service center in SL like toyota does? (is it stafford?) 4.what about resell value? i mean demand? ***ya coolest word is irrelevant, beauty is in the eye of the beholder
  3. hey guys, let me get straight to the point , what is the most valuable , reliable , resealable and finally important thing coolest one from above kei cars, i know basic stuff that spacia mild hybrid and so on but dont mind to remind me again anything and others can learn too,, and i would like anyone to post their idea on both , pro con anything , just leave a comment if you see this and know anything like tips for buying etc, again huge help. safe motoring to all thanks in advance.
  4. thnx for the info on different between models, buying a turbo one worth the money ? or another headache for spare parts.
  5. hi fellows, recently decide to upgrade to a suzuki specia, decision has been made to a custom z but im kinda lack of knowledge of basic details of versions(eg- g,x,custom) , options, things i should know before buying any grade of specia ,spear part price etc .kinda noob here giving any info on buying custom z would be a huge help p.s- custom z 2017 full option version is my choice
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