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  1. Sanda-Ru1

    2008 Suzuki Swift Oil Leak

    Hi Nuwan Did you manage to solve this matter? I'm also having the same issue.
  2. Sanda-Ru1

    The Mazda Demio Thread

    Went all the 8 pages folks. Read everything. Planning to buy a Mazda Demio. Thanks for the valuable details guys. Just one thing I need to clarify. Can you all give an update with fuel consumption about your car?
  3. Hi guys. I met and accident recently and damaged my car front bumper and the right side headlight. My car is mazda familia 1998 BHALP model. Now I need to replace light and front bumper. Unfortunately I can not find those parts easily also shops it available says high prices for these parts. Can you suggest good place to buy this? Colombo would be perfect.
  4. Sanda-Ru1

    Fuel Consumption Of Chevrolet Cruze

    Thanks for the details
  5. Sanda-Ru1

    Fuel Consumption Of Chevrolet Cruze

    Hi Guys, I know this is a 7 year old post. But I hope you guys now have good experience regarding this car. I'm also planning to buy this car for my daily driving. I drive from Kesbawe to Colombo 03 every day. It's around 40km per day. Looking for a car which has good fuel efficiency for a range around 2mil. Now I have a Mazda Familia butterfly model. 1300cc auto gear car doesn't give me much of a choice in terms of fuel efficiency. So hope you can give me proper idea regarding this chevrolet cruze 2004.
  6. I did a replacement of engine and gearbox oil sealers 6 months ago by Mazna. At that time they have replaced the ATF also. Is Nilwala specialized in Mazda gearbox? Thanks for the reply.
  7. Hello friends, I need a technical advice for below mention issues regarding my Mazda Familia Butterfly 1998 car. Engine is b3. Auto gear transmission. BHALP model. I think these all related to one issue. 1. Car vibrates in D gear. It reduce when AC turned off. It disappear on Parking Gear or Neutral. 2. Car jerk when changing the gear from speed 10 to 20. 3. Sometime delay in changing the gear. Please help me on this.