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  1. Haru


    Yes the blue tint is so prominent that impairs the vision . And it is not heated . Rear mirror is also screwed up . To send us to either hell or heaven is the purpose of having this tint I guess . This god damn tint is not there in MG zS. @ hyaenidae how is your fuel economy within city limit and intercity ? Mine is around 5.5 to 6 within city and 12 intercity. I guess this SUV is not meant for city driving . @ dhork agree with issues with sluggishness',plastic feel in interior and with fairly ok ground clearance and handling
  2. Haru


    I had a bad experience today with micro x 25 . Evrytime something or the other keeps happening with this shitty SUV . The side mirrors are only partially visible usually in sunny day due to a bluish tint on it and today that was totally covered with mist during heavy rain which totally impaired my side view and I ended up crashing with a three wheeler . I am pissed off how inconsiderate these people are of the safetly features of vehicles when they produce it.
  3. Haru


    I agree with most of your review . unbiased review . the low fuel efficiency within city limit could be due to sluggish transmission of gear as you said . is there a solution for this ? Does an upgrade of software for transmission help ? I guess the sluggishness is possibly due To the software issue and absence of dual clutch transmission. MG Zs is equipped with Dual clutch transmission and it is not sluggish like x25
  4. Haru

    MG ZS 2018

    Crosswind Well, I will tell you what is not profit first all and then you infer my definition of profit from it. Any financial gain that you get from customers hard earned money through "unthical business practices" ( micro is good example for this ) is not profit. It is basically day light robbery ! the opposit of this is considered as profit in my definition . if you wonder what is ethical business practice meet me personally I will take a lecture for you
  5. Haru

    MG ZS 2018

    Dude! its okay to keep a margin of 10 percent if micro is directly importing the mg zs made for Europian market but these liars import parts of this vehicle for reduced tax rates just like what they did for micro x25 and assemble them here and fradeulently sell these garbage for Higher price tag as for a directly imported SUV with a higher margin of more than five laks . Did you get my point ? Let me clear another point for you . You said that the profit goes for servicing and warranty. Micro doesn't deserve to gain this much of profit for the three free garbage service that they offer as none of the staffs are equipped with adequate knowledge and skills to atleast diagnose very basic issues . labor charges are free for the first three services onlyand usuall charges apply after 3 services . Micro doesn't use even a cent from this profit for warranty of any parts as it is included in your CIF price which Is paid by the customer out of his or her own pocket and not micro
  6. Haru

    MG ZS 2018

    Local agents always keep a margin for profit when they sell these stuff . directly importing from either china or Europe will be definitely cheaper. totak tax payable for 1L vehicle is around 1750000 and the CIF value of the SUV is 2,792,104. ( max price offered in china for 1 l turbo exclusive DCT(dual clutch transmission ) variety is 120000 yuan and if you add other freight charges still total price would be less than 46.5laks i wonder if anyone other than micro is capable of doing service and major Repairs for this SUV if you decide to directly import this
  7. Haru

    MG ZS 2018

    The mg zs produced for the europian market comes with 7 years warrenty but micro sells with 5 years warrenty. Why do you think it is not 7 years if it is the same vehicle manufactured for Europe by china ? The fact is Micro assembles some part of this vehicle here and sells by adding very high tax which is applicable for only directly imported non assembled vehicles. Infact actual tax must be less since it is assembled here by micro . Isn't it fraudulent business ? ? My micro x25 engine has stopped starting recently ( which is a basic function of any vehicle ) within ten months of use and had to get road side assistance to get it repaired !! my fuel consumption has always been 5-6 km per liter within city but these ash••es said it will Be 12 km per liter within city and 14 intercity when I first purchased it . apart from these major issues, I have clearly mentioned about other problems that I have faced with my micro x25 previously at auto Lanka . don't buy any products from these bast**%ds and don't get deceived by the looks especially Chinese products assembled at micro ! If you decide to buy you will regret to the maximum later. Check out this link for the warrenty details for euro Market https://mg.co.uk/files/2017-10-44/MGZSpresspack-complete_31-10-17.pdf there is one of my neighbor who bought MG zs thinking that it will give 10 km within city as the agent said but now he is regretting as it gives only 6 km / littre due to the turbo engine. if you go buy fuel efficiency and second hand market value and after sale services and your precious time , you are definitely at greater loss if you decide to buy Chinese made products assembled by micro
  8. Haru


    @ TRC i am not expecting the SUV to be perfect as a luxurious mercedez Benz and i have never mentioned anywhere in my post about that Mind you that I have spent hard earned money not to buy a vehicle with defective tyres with absolutely no options for replacement which puts passengers life at risk and I have spent millions of rupees not just to buy an SUV with corroded wheel disc either. i cannot afford to use this vehicle at a very high fuel consumption rate of 5.5km per litre and I am sure there are many who cannot afford and it's for their benifits I have reviewed my honest opinion about this vehicle . Negative comments and reviews actually increases resale value in the long run if micro makes an attempt to rectify their problem areas based on customer feedback. As other members have advised keep your vehicle for your self and don't worry much about resale value as you are 100 percent perfectly satisfied with the vehicle Finally why don't you try a sales marketing job at micro ? You have a good future over there
  9. Haru


    I agree the fabric seat cover and the Matt are of extremely cheap quality . Totally wasted my money Please write your reviews about baic x 25 on fb consumer associations so that more people will becone aware of this fraudulent car sales by micro. Put some pictures of rusted wheel disc
  10. Haru


    My sincere advice to you is to stay away from baic x25 i own one and it comes with so many issues from day one 1) fuel efficiency within city is 5.5 km per liter ( not exaggerating) micro is not bothered to rectify this for me 2) no warrenty even manufacturer warranty for cheap tyres which went flat twice and micro never bothered to replace for me 3) there was a deep scratch in the body on the day I bought it but gt it painted free 4) so much rattling noises from dash board and back . Addressed this issue 3 times but not resolved 5) no spare parts for steering 6) very slow pickup for a 1500 l engine and not easy to overtake 7) wheel disc were all rusted and got them all painted for free 8)as a member in this group said if you don't know much about mechanics of car then they try to fool you by sayin 5 km perlitre is normal until the warrenty and free service period ends 9)I spoke to another owner whose AC was not working 10) vehicle is not sound Proof and not air tight either as foul smell from outside enters the vehicle as you pass by any fountain or carbage areas All in all stay away from baic x25 42.5 lake would go down the drain if you spend in this vehicle as the second hand market is also low even though it looks good in appearance do not buy baic x25