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  1. Yes, volume functions and mode.
  2. For better or worse, the Sri Lankan Picanto (2017 model) radio does not have RDS.
  3. Wow. That sucks. I actually did the latter. Tuned to the station that I wanted and set each specific station (TNL, Kiss, Yes....etc) as preset stations of my choice. However, that didn't seem to work either. While I've chosen say Kiss and listening to it, a few miles into my drive, it would start to seek and go up an down in the stations and pick some random station, if I'm lucky. If not it will keep seeking for eternity and wouldn't let me even select the station I want to- as if disabling all touch functions. (I guess now I know what you mean by cheap Chinese crap). Any solution other than that?
  4. Hi All, Just bought a Kia Picanto. So far so good. Except, the radio is driving me nuts. The problem goes- I set a radio station (using preset) and drive while listening to it. All of a sudden, the radio starts "tuning" for another frequency. And this does not stop. Nothing in the manual (the manual actually has an older version for the radio and instructions) in terms of how to fix this. Did some research online and sort of found that this is due to the AF (alternate frequency) function on display and turning it off would fix the problem. It was never turned on to begin with. Also, even if I tried to "turn it off" while the tuning was happening simultaneously, that led to nothing. Radio stations changing while I drive is so annoying and dampens the experience otherwise. If there is someone who has experienced this and would know a permanent solution I'd much appreciate it- after all, there has to be over hundreds of Picantos on the streets of Sri Lanka (I bought Package 3). Thanks,