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  1. Lannister

    Need a solution for vibration when idle

    Hey, @PerfMad Thanx for being alive on the post. Yet it stays like so, Rumesh said to clean the PCV valve & yet I couldn't do it. Checked again with a Mechanic & calibrated ECU. Now it relieved a little & I'm sure that won't be a permanent solution. & the mechanic said to check the engine & gear box mount. Now I'm on to that.
  2. Lannister

    Need a solution for vibration when idle

    Hey, @PerfMad I did the tuneup with a Stafford guy, what he did was cleaning the throttle body & Changed Gear Oil, Engine Oil & Oil Filter as well. Checked & cleaned Spark plugs too. At that time, the vibration issue was solved. RPM stayed 800-900. But after few days, It affects once again. Today I felt it more. & RPM is dropping. What should I do. Where can I solve this problem?
  3. Lannister

    Need a solution for vibration when idle

    No.. there are no issues with changing between gears.. but the previous owner said to change the gear oil since it already reached 25,000kms. Additionally I kindly I need to know when to change gear oil as well..
  4. Lannister

    Need a solution for vibration when idle

    Thanx PrefMad, well I'm hoping to do a engine tune up since most said to do it, & will it be solved by cleaning injectors during engine tuneup? & doesn't CVT gear oil have a play with this vibration?
  5. My Car is a Honda Civic EK3 1998 Auto model & when the car is on idle mode it vibrates. The RPM fluctuate around 100-1000. When it closes 100RPM it get's worsened. It happens in 'Drive' mode, also a little in 'Parking' gear. Kindly need a fixed solution for this since I bought the car few days ago.
  6. Hey Guys, Im looking for a well maintained car to purchase.Which either, Civic EG8(AUTO)or Civic EK3(AUTO) For around 17-18 lks If any got one, plz contact me on below number 0777972360
  7. Lannister

    Pick the best car

    Hello fellas, I need some help to pick the best car among these, since which is my first car, I'm curious a bit. wanna know the durability, after market price etc. What's better, Toyota Ceres Marino or Nissan March K11? Thank You!
  8. Lannister

    Need help to choose a pre owned car

    Thank you all for al your opinions! & I’ve got another question, what about Toyota Ceres/Marino over EG8?? Thanx again! ?
  9. Hey mates, Im looking forward to buy a used car for around 15-18lks, & also Im not going for a Indian car since it’s not my favor. What I looked for is Honda Civic EG8 & I really love it; but some say, it’ll be problematic. does it worth, & what will be the future problems of this car & what will be other alternative car options for this price. Since this is my first car, Im really looking forward an answer from you. Thanx.