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  1. Lannister

    Car Vibration Problem

    @tilvin Thanx for the reply, When the car is in ‘Drive’ mode, RPM stays like 1100-1400 when on 1st-2nd gear. When ‘Sport’ mode 1500-1800 I usually on ‘Drive’ mode...
  2. Lannister

    Car Vibration Problem

    @Rumesh88 Thanx for the reply, No I haven’t checked the pcv valve.. & To check it, should I need to remove oil filter? (Coz I found a vdo on youtube doing so)
  3. Lannister

    Car Vibration Problem

    @iRage Thanx for the reply. Even if the RPM goes down like 300, it doesn’t stall .. It hangs there & vibrates & comes up then comes down.. so and so on.. Yes I have checked the water pressure to throttle body & replaced a horse too.. but I haven’t checked the fuel tank as u mentioned there.. Would u think, that this would cause from that problem?? Oil filter, Air filter are also new & genuine too.. & Does soluna had the same problem that I have in here? Thanx again?
  4. Lannister

    Car Vibration Problem

    Hey folks, I posted on Autolanka about this problem few months ago.. But nothing worked out. My Ride is Honda Civic EK3 1998 Auto. My Problem is, My Car has a vibration issue when it comes to idle, the RPM gets down over 500-300 sometimes.. & it doesn’t comes up 800-1000 . I did throttle cleaning twice including EAC Valve(IAC). When it cleaned, problem is kinda fine, but when rides over & over (specially long distances) it gets worse. Did a ECU reset, same result.. One mechanic said, one of my Mount is kind of hard, but there isn’t much to work with vibration issue. One Michanic said that vibration can not be fixed, since it is kind of a manufacturing failure. Replaced Air filter too.. Checked everything & all are fine. Went to Honda Waruna - Kesbawa, Honda Darshana - Pannipitiya, Honda Tharindu - Malwana, Honda Rohan - Kesbawa. since those are popular name on the thread. Now I think of going to Stafford. But I cannot spend much at the moment too.. I really badly need to fix this issue, coz my Car is everything fine except this. So plz reply here ur experienced suggestions... Thanx Again..
  5. Lannister

    Need a solution for vibration when idle

    Hey, @PerfMad Thanx for being alive on the post. Yet it stays like so, Rumesh said to clean the PCV valve & yet I couldn't do it. Checked again with a Mechanic & calibrated ECU. Now it relieved a little & I'm sure that won't be a permanent solution. & the mechanic said to check the engine & gear box mount. Now I'm on to that.
  6. Lannister

    Need a solution for vibration when idle

    Hey, @PerfMad I did the tuneup with a Stafford guy, what he did was cleaning the throttle body & Changed Gear Oil, Engine Oil & Oil Filter as well. Checked & cleaned Spark plugs too. At that time, the vibration issue was solved. RPM stayed 800-900. But after few days, It affects once again. Today I felt it more. & RPM is dropping. What should I do. Where can I solve this problem?
  7. Lannister

    Need a solution for vibration when idle

    No.. there are no issues with changing between gears.. but the previous owner said to change the gear oil since it already reached 25,000kms. Additionally I kindly I need to know when to change gear oil as well..
  8. Lannister

    Need a solution for vibration when idle

    Thanx PrefMad, well I'm hoping to do a engine tune up since most said to do it, & will it be solved by cleaning injectors during engine tuneup? & doesn't CVT gear oil have a play with this vibration?
  9. My Car is a Honda Civic EK3 1998 Auto model & when the car is on idle mode it vibrates. The RPM fluctuate around 100-1000. When it closes 100RPM it get's worsened. It happens in 'Drive' mode, also a little in 'Parking' gear. Kindly need a fixed solution for this since I bought the car few days ago.
  10. Hey Guys, Im looking for a well maintained car to purchase.Which either, Civic EG8(AUTO)or Civic EK3(AUTO) For around 17-18 lks If any got one, plz contact me on below number 0777972360
  11. Lannister

    Pick the best car

    Hello fellas, I need some help to pick the best car among these, since which is my first car, I'm curious a bit. wanna know the durability, after market price etc. What's better, Toyota Ceres Marino or Nissan March K11? Thank You!
  12. Lannister

    Need help to choose a pre owned car

    Thank you all for al your opinions! & I’ve got another question, what about Toyota Ceres/Marino over EG8?? Thanx again! ?