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  1. HelaS

    Hustler vs Alto JDM

    Thanks. Search didn't turn up what I was looking for.
  2. HelaS

    Hustler vs Alto JDM

    Guys, which one is the better car of the two? Interior space, ride comfort, available features etc. There are threads on other kei cars but I couldn't find a direct comparison between these two. If you have experience driving these models, please share your opinions. Thank you in advance 🙏
  3. Guys, do you know any reliable (with a good track record) places to import a car from Japan? Can't find much info online. Is Nikoba any good? Thanks!
  4. Guys, do you know of any good car sellers who import from JDM auctions? A long track record of honesty and reliability is key, as I am wary of deceptive mudalalis. Thanks!
  5. I stand corrected, then 😬 If Indian factories can maintain quality control, that's good for them. Which makes me think isn't it about time we had a real car industry here in Sri Lanka? The Chinese micro nonsense doesn't count.
  6. An excellent reason to stay away from the i10 😆
  7. By the way, how does the Japanese Alto perform compared to the WagonR? They have similar engines, right?
  8. Ah yes, a Kia staff member kindly sent me all the details like this very quickly when requested. Head rests are kind of important for safety but the rest don't seem vital. What do you think of their post-purchase customer service?
  9. Thanks, everyone. Yeah, it sucks that ABS isn't offered across the range in SL at present. Didn't it become standard in the industry many decades ago?
  10. Thank you very much, everyone, for detailed replies. Only the highest grade Kia in SL has ABS, which is around 3.5 million. The lower grade manual and automatics are 3 million and 3.2 mil respectively. Is it worth spending 2 to 5 lakhs extra for the ABS, because I don't care about the other stuff which are not significant?
  11. Hello there! Friends, which of these two is better for use as a family car that will be driven both in-city and outstation, anticipating family trips and stuff like that? WagonR seems to have more backseat space, overall more legroom and some nice additional features, but how does it compare with the more powerful Picanto in terms of driving - acceleration, stability, quality of suspension, etc? I know that the used market has better specd cars but as a first-time car buyer I really don't want to deal with shady sellers, have no warranty or live in a garage for the foreseeable future. Thanks for your replies in advance!
  12. Thanks for the tips guys. Appreciate it!
  13. Thanks. Are Lumala and DSI any good?
  14. And where can I find such bikes? Tell me please.
  15. Hi guys. Not sure this is the correct section but can someone advice me on where to go bicycle shopping and what brands are good? I just want a decent bike for recreation and exercise and price should be below 20,000 Rupees. I don't want to go out of Colombo to buy it. Any suggestions? Thank you.