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  1. Thanks for the tips guys. Appreciate it!
  2. Thanks. Are Lumala and DSI any good?
  3. And where can I find such bikes? Tell me please.
  4. Hi guys. Not sure this is the correct section but can someone advice me on where to go bicycle shopping and what brands are good? I just want a decent bike for recreation and exercise and price should be below 20,000 Rupees. I don't want to go out of Colombo to buy it. Any suggestions? Thank you.
  5. WagonR drivers, can you please post what kind of fuel consumption are you seeing with your cars in city as well as highway (outstation) driving? Is the much-talked-about fuel economy of these cars for real or is it just hype? Thanks for your information.
  6. HelaS

    Driving license age limits?

    Thanks guys!
  7. HelaS

    How To Buy A Used Car In Sri Lanka

    Very nice guide indeed. Good work, mate. Thank you. Very useful for us amateurs.
  8. Can someone please tell me the maximum age of eligibility to obtain a driving license in Sri Lanka? Thanks.
  9. Thanks mate. Why are old cars' value appreciating in SL? That's super weird and backwards. Also, could you suggest any reliable places where one might look to buy a used car?
  10. Thanks, LashNeo. Very nice comparison there. And you made me laugh haha
  11. Thank you NeroX, for the very useful reply!
  12. Hi all! I'm continuing to do car research in advance of purchasing my first car, ideally costing under 3 million rupees. I plan to use it for at least 5 years after the purchase. Important question: what is better economically, getting a brand new one for around 3 mil (Picanto, Wagon R etc) or buying a second-hand one from early 2000s (Familia, Sunny, Civic etc) for around 2 mill? What concerns me is that given the old age and >100,000 km mileage of these used cars, am I likely to face heavy expenses in repairing and maintaining them within the course of 5-10 years, which might make the total cost of ownership equal to or greater than the price of a brand-new one? Thanks in advance for your advice
  13. Thank you very much for your advice guys!
  14. Hello guys! I need some advice for buying my first car. My maximum budget is restricted to around 3 million, so I have few options. What do you think is best - buy a brand new manual Kia Picanto (around 3 mil the last time I checked) or import something like a 2015/2016 Vitz from Japan? Or forget both and go the local second-hand route with possible risks involved? I won't be actually buying one until a year or so, but I'm doing some research in advance anyway. I have zero prior experience with cars. Thanks for your opinions and advice!