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  1. varotone

    Project Moggie - Painting

    You are so brave to attempt a whole paint job by yourself! And that too with a home made compressor! I'm lost for words😳 Please elaborate on your compressor contraption. If it's good enough for spray painting a car, that's definitely good enough to get some compressed air for cleaning stuff.
  2. varotone

    Repair Tyre Punch

    Many say that when you repair a puncture by plugging, there is more damage done than the puncture itself. When using the rasp to smooth out, it makes the hole bigger, damages the steel belts and finally when it is plugged it distorts the structure of the tire. Maybe the old method of removing the tire from the rim and fixing from the inside is better. But the new method is very easy, quick and maintains the tire pressure. Anyway, tires being consumables, why worry too much about how the puncture is repaired if it gets the job done?
  3. varotone

    Repair Tyre Punch

    Buy a tubeless tyre puncture repair kit. Available at Sri Lankan online retailers and some supermarkets for about Rs. 500. Look at a YouTube video on how to use it. Try it on an old tyre. Keep the repair kit and a pair of pliers in the car. It is a very reliable fix. Usually, you don't have to remove the tyre. Jack up and rotate the tyre to see the puncture. Fix it and pump air. Quicker than fixing the spare wheel. Cheaper than the repair cartridge that you have to pump in and drive a certain distance at a certain speed!
  4. varotone

    Geely Panda v Tata Nano

    If your wife is driving, better avoid the nano. Panda with power steering would be better. Nano being discontinued is one more reason to avoid it. https://www.bloomberg.com/opinion/articles/2018-07-11/rip-nano-india-s-car-market-is-no-place-for-cheap-thrills For a 'car' that's almost a failure with a short production run and now discontinued, availability of parts is questionable. Also keep in mind that ladies can drive stick. I know one who learnt to drive auto was given a chance to drive a j70 Prado. She loved it. But didn't love it enough to go through the hassles of updating her driving license.
  5. varotone

    Geely Panda v Tata Nano

    Why have you narrowed it down to panda and nano? And why automatic? If you are happy with an older one, there are plenty of options that will easily beat your choice in terms of parts availability (except body panels and the like) and rider comfort. Look for a well maintained one and will give the panda a run for it's money. Only downside is when you are selling it. But given that the car is already depreciated when you buy it, you want loose much. Consumables for common old vehicles are very easy to find and cheap. Most engines are pretty darn reliable. But my understanding is that older auto gearboxes are not very reliable.
  6. varotone

    Replacement rubber parts

    Hello gentlemen, I'm looking for some small piece of rubber that looks like a o-ring with a groove inside. (Not an automotive part) The cross section looks like a c. Here's a drawing of the product.where can I find some thing similar? Because this one was damaged, I want to buy a few of these. About 10 pieces. Thanks in advance Varotone
  7. varotone

    Buying a leased car

    I couldn't remember if signing in the presence of a company representative is necessary. The registered owner can sign the power of attorney even when abroad. (I'm not sure if a document signed in one one jurisdiction is valid in another. But once such a power of attorney was accepted for a property matter) Also, the leasing company has a signed MTA form which they will return when the lease is settled.
  8. varotone

    Buying a leased car

    Lease companies do give the CR to the bearer of a letter signed by the registered owner. One leasing company had a letter template requesting that CR and the letter to DMT to erase absolute ownership to be collected by a specified third party. (Such as the new owner of the vehicle) Better ask from the company itself. Remember the registered owner has to sign the letter. If the company is willing to accept such a letter, ask the seller to get a letter signed and posted to him.
  9. varotone

    Project A72V

    I'm stuck at connecting the fuel lines. On either sides there are two small tank thingies - fuel vapor separators. Each has 3 connections. But in the right hand side, the rubber grommet has holes for only 2 fuel lines. Confused how to connect these fuel lines. I've made marks with tipp-ex on the fuel lines before I remove them. Now that all the marks are sanded and painted over😬. There's a diagram in the workshop manual but it confused me more. Anyone can remember how to connect them?
  10. varotone

    Lancer Evo X final edition

    Thank you for all the AL members who commented on this thread. (As you might have correctly concluded due to the lack of updates on this thread,) I gave up on buying this. Life took an unexpected turn and had to set my priorities in the right order. Visiting AL after some time, there are several PMs offering to help me with checking this car, verify the authenticity, asking for photos.... You make a lovely community. Thanks again for the help.
  11. varotone

    Project A72V

    Sadly, I couldn't attend to the project lately. Body work was completed some time ago in my absence. Shiny paint is now under a layer of dust. Soon I'll start assembling the car and post few photos on the progress.
  12. varotone

    Lancer Evo X final edition

    Thanks to everyone who weighed in on the topic. I understand that no one in their right minds is going to shell out this much for a bit of badge, stickers, body kit, and the like. But this being the last few of a fantastic lineup makes it a unique car to own. It would be more sensible to go for a new WRX STI than the last link of the Evo lineup.
  13. varotone

    Lancer Evo X final edition

    1. I didn't ask yet. Importing this in 2016 and keeping it unregistered for this long bothers me too. I'll ask the seller when I go to inspect the car. There's a higher chance of detecting a lie when you talk face to face rather than over the phone. (There could be a genuine reason. Or he has rehearsed a lie for 3 years!) 2,3. Some car sales guy in southern Colombo suburbs imported it and it's still with him. You know the kind of guy that I have to deal with 4,5. I'm going to inspect it this weekend. As shown in the photo, it is the 706th car. I have to do a background check on this after looking at the documents. Since the model is fairly new, It'll be fairly easy to establish provenance. 6. Is it photographed at a finance company yard? (I can't recognize the place). There were many advertisements on the quick site from the same advertiser: L8 finance. A sales rep answered the call and said that the vehicle is at a car sale and the finance company is doing advertising these vehicles and willing finance the vehicles sold by the particular car sale. There were many similar advertisements. Still, if someone can confirm that the car was sitting in a finance yard, I will dig deeper in to how it ended up there.
  14. varotone

    Lancer Evo X final edition

    I learned that it came with Enkei wheels with Mitsu logo, but for some reason it has BBS on. Owner has not swapped them. I'm not seeing black carpets with red stitching. 🤔
  15. varotone

    Lancer Evo X final edition