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  1. varotone

    Project Moggie - Disassemble Body Parts

    Please drop me a PM if you found a place to buy vintage hubcaps.
  2. varotone

    Recirculating condemned cars

    The CR has the details of the latest 3 previous owners and the current owner including the dates of transfer. If an insurance company or leasing company has owned the car for a short time, it's can be suspected to be a condemned car. This must be easy to find out. I'm quite sure that such a badly damaged vehicle will show signs of damage. Especially newer ones with crumple zones. Mechs here would do a lousy job. I don't think the book was swapped as @iRagesaid. If the book was swapped, the registration number would be different from the one that was condemned. Digging the history of the car from the current number will not reveal the accident that happened under a different (old) number. I may be wrong. The car sales crooks might have a way to get it done. Also, there are plenty of "ghost" books in circulation. Once a vehicle is totally destroyed (like written off) the registration should be cancelled. At least, that's the law. Literally no one does it. Quoting the DMT; "In case a registered motor vehicle is removed from Sri Lanka, or destroyed or has been dismantled or rendered unusable permanently, the registered owner should inform the Commissioner General of Motor Traffic within 14 days, for the cancellation of its registration"
  3. varotone

    Project Moggie - Disassemble Body Parts

    Nice to see your project. Wish you all the best!
  4. varotone

    Engine Braking

    Are the holes in the rims designed to draw air in to cool the brakes? I thought they are to save the cost of materials and reduce the weight, and rotational inertia. I've also seen many rims without holes or tiny holes.
  5. varotone

    Engine Braking

    I don't understand how to use engine braking in traffic. May be in light-to-light traffic where there's traffic before the traffic lights but not after. You can accelerate when it turns green and instead of slamming the brakes when the next light is red, you can use engine braking. Ride will be smooth. (Boring if the car is under powered) Engine braking is essential in mountainous terrain. Coasting in neutral or with clutch depressed in haputale-beragala is calling for disaster. If you slow down the car only with the brakes, brakes might have already failed due to heat when you want to come to a stop. When engine braking, rotation of the crankshaft compresses the air and energy is dissipated as heat. No fuel is consumed. Your battery is charged and ac works basically without burning fuel. You don't get this if you coast downhill. Also, engines are built to dissipate heat. Brakes are not. (Except for performance cars with brake ducts). Engine braking is essential.
  6. varotone

    ## Post Whoring - Part 3 ##

    Convertible hiace with a pie oven
  7. varotone

    Project A72V

    Progressing slowly
  8. varotone

    Project A72V

    HELP NEEDED I have some basic questions and at this point I'm too afraid to ask. 1. What engines came with this car? YOM 1983. (According to my manual, it was manufactured with 4G3 series and 4G5 series engines.) 2. My engine number starts with G12B-CB-XXXX. What engine do I have? I believe it's 4G12B. 1400cc Orion with jet valves. 3. How can I find out what engine it had when it was manufactured? And know if it was swapped later on? (I just want to know if the current engine is the same model as it was designed to fit. I'm alright if a previous owner had replaced it with one of same model) 4. Does anyone have a engine repair manual for my engine? (I remember seeing a large collection of Lancer manuals somewhere on AL. But a search didn't show the ones I need)
  9. varotone

    Project A72V

    My engine bores need honing. I'm waiting till I get a free day to take it to the machine shop. Had a close look at the carburetor and kind of disappointed. There are cracks near the carburetor mounting bolts, EGR lines are clogged up, a coolant line to the carb is broken and sealed. The carb needs a lot of work. Also, the carb is "Aisan". I gather that the original was "Solex" manufactured by "Mikuni". I have 4 options to fix this mess. 1. Search for a carburetor expert who can refurbish this one. (Neeyourou help to find one) 2. Buy a reconditioned carb from a scrap yard. (Didn't go hunting for one. But my mechanic says it will be available) 3. Buy a brand new Japanese carb (the most expensive option. Mikuni goes for about $250 on eBay. Didn't find any here) 4. Buy a brand new Thaiwan / Chinese carb (readily available here. 4 places had them. Goes for 15-20k) I would like to know your thoughts on this. Added Following some older threads on AL, I called Dhammika at Kotta rd. To discuss my options. He says he doesn't do carb overhaul. Does only tuning. He told me to contact Shantha. (He clearly said he can't recommend the guy. But he does carb overhauls.) Found that Shantha runs the Carburetor Banda's place in Grandpass and doesn't have good reviews on AL. So, I'm back at square one. Looking at how rare carb mechanics are I'm seriously considering learning carburetor repairs myself.
  10. Greetings gentlemen, Are there places where I can hire/borrow mechanical tools and equipment? I'm in need of some stuff such as torque wrench, piston rings expanders, pressure gauge, valve spring compressors, gear pullers, timing lights, dwell angle meters, vernier calipers....etc. I started to restore an old car and sort of fell in love with mechanics Now, I have an irresistible urge to do every possible bit of the mechanical work by myself. I have some tools myself, and plan to buy some more in the future. However, some specialist tools are quite expensive. Spending a lot on specialist tools that I will use only one an year or less frequently doesn't make financial sense. So, I'm looking for some place that I can hire the tools. I inquired from some places where they hire power tools, compressors, hedge trimmer and the such. They don't have tools that I need. My neighborhood mechanic (bass) is very helpful in teaching me some bits and ok with lending some of his stuff like the engine jack. But he doesn't have the specialist tools I need. Not even torque wrench. They just tighten it by the feel. (Don't know if it's the norm with the mechanics here). I'm in Galle. So any place closer would be very convenient. (Even around Colombo is all right) Any help with this is very much appreciated. Thank you! Varotone.
  11. varotone

    Project A72V

    Work in progress. Cleaning the valves and polishing rocker arm shafts.
  12. varotone

    Gear box mount and rocker cover replacement

    I had a very different picture in my head I thought oil is dripping down from the rocker cover on to the spark plug tubes and leads. How does oil get in to the air cleaner chamber? I can't imagine such a contraption.
  13. varotone

    Gear box mount and rocker cover replacement

    Rocker cover does not contain oil under pressure. Oil seals are less likely to fail. A warped rocker cover might be the reason. If the bolts are too loose, it may leak oil from due to the poor seal. If it is too tight, might warp or crack the plastic rocker cover. Make sure it is torqued down to specifications. If the engine block and rocker cover are in good shape, removing all remaining packings properly and using a new packing would solve the issues. If only the rocker cover is uneven, it can easily be resurfaced in a lathe. If the cylinder head also needs resurfacing, it will be a major engine dismantling job. (I'm clueless about the elite. This is in general)
  14. varotone

    Project A72V

    There is a timing mark on the timing pulley (one that drives the camshaft by the timing belt) on the crankshaft. Once the timing belt cover is removed to expose the timing pulley on the crankshaft, a mark can be made on the crankshaft pulley. Work in progress😀😎 This is a well spent weekend
  15. varotone

    Project A72V

    My tinkerer-cum-painter is a slow coach. The body is still untouched. So by the time he eventually finishes the bodywork, I will have plenty of time to rebuild the engine. I'm gradually dissembling the engine and came across this Orion sticker on the valve cover under layers of gunk. I'm assuming this is an original sticker. It survived all these years Hopefully, I will be able to finish the disassembly and start washing the parts with kerosine/petrol over the weekend. HELP NEEDED I can't see a timing mark (notch) in the crank pulley. How to proceed with the disassembly?