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  1. varotone


    CE#T is good for an Indian bus, lorry, batta and three-wheelers. Rubber is quite hard and does not absorb absorb shock. Puts much strain on suspension components and wears them quickly. The CE#T tyres last longer. (Because they are hard?) It's the economical option if you want to beat the crap out of a commercial vehicle. Because ride comfort is non-existent in a batta, I don't have any issues with CE#T on it. But I would warn you against using them in a car.
  2. If you are going to restore from ground up, your expectations are too high for any garage. (At least that's my experience) how good a place depends on the mechanic, tinkerer, painter, and your scrutiny. Unless they are beemer fanboys, they won't fuss about every tiny bit of the car. Any worker would do his bit of work well. But making sure everything is put together nicely and neatly is your job. I would suggest you to do it at your home. Those who work at your place have lower charges. If you don't have the time to get involved, choose a garage. Find someone who is a classic/beemer lover. You could expect honest work. It's nerve wracking to get some of the workers do what you want. Like removing wires without cutting, prying trims without damaging, aligning stuff when fixing..... etc. I'm learning this the hard way May be it's only me and my OCD making things difficult.
  3. varotone

    Tools for DIY of Vehicles

    1. SAE or metric depending on your vehicle. Isn't it? 1/2 would be the best in my opinion. 2. Doesn't it depend on the torque range you need? There are digital torque meters with a range from 8-500Nm. Looks versatile. I don't have one to test the accuracy. Also, is there any place that hires torque wrench? I'm planning to invest on one. A set of quality torque wrench costs a fortune.
  4. varotone

    Tools for DIY of Vehicles

    Gasket removing scraper Set of feeler gauges Vernier calipers Valve spring compressor Set of copper bristle wire brushes Paint brushes (1/4") Spill free funnel Metal file Piston ring expander Pliers - nose, circlip compressing, Gear puller/harmonic balancer (OBD Scanner, dwell angle monitor, compression gauge, timing light. Not diy tools per se) Measuring ruler, marker, ziplock bags, paper and pen, sticker, a camera come in handy for any DIY job.
  5. varotone

    Project Moggie - Bodywork

    It doesn't have a headlight relay right? And the rated power for headlights is 35/50W? Maybe the sealed beams are of a higher power. Might be the reason for blown fuse. I suggest you add a relay. Even the 35/50 would be brighter with the relay due to the decreased voltage drop. You can even upgrade to brighter lights later. When you repair the wire harness route the wires through flexi tubing. Electrical wiring shops have something called flexi / flexi tubing. A corrugated flexible PVC tube. Get some black color heavy-duty ones and run the wires through it. Added protection from rodents and elements. Looks neat too. Especially useful for exposed wires in the engine bay. I just finished repairing all the wires in my project car. Assembled everything as it would be on the car with all the switches, lights and motors, and made sure all worked. Used the flexi also. Unfortunately I don't have photos of the whole setup on my phone. Alternator is a worthy upgrade. Clean the gunk off the voltage regulator and attach some wires to keep the looks! Cheers Varotone
  6. varotone

    Project Moggie - Bodywork

    May I suggest removing all the wires while tinkering is going on. If wires can't pass through the holes in the firewall because the connectors are larger than the holes, remove the connectors. Note how wires are connected and remove all of them. Once it is outside, you can thoroughly inspect the wires for damages and fix it. It's easier to fix the wiring when it's taken out. Regarding the damaged voltage regulator, how about upgrading to an electronic one? They stabilizer voltage better than the electromagnetic ones and don't need adjusting regularly. Just my two cents.
  7. varotone

    Project Moggie - Bodywork

    Wow! That's a lot of work. Do you do your own tinkering? So once you cut out the chassis bar how do you prevent the roof from warping? The B pillar is not supported at the bottom, so doesn't the weight of the roof warp the structure?
  8. varotone

    Project A72V

    MITSUBISHI RE 72826 A THERMO RELAY Finally figured out the wiring for this. I've hastily drawn the wiring diagram on MS paint. This thermo-relay uses a Mitsubishi M51202 IC OPamp as a voltage comparator to compare the potential difference between the NTC resistor used as a sensor and a rheostat used to set the temperature. If the potential difference across the NTC resistor is higher than the potential difference across the rheostat, the AC relay is energized by the output voltage. Here are the wiring diagrams, pinouts, and schematics for the IC. In my case, the unit was faulty due to a blown Zenner. Replacing it solved the issue. Looks like Mitsu L200 and L300 has the same unit.
  9. varotone

    Project A72V

    HELP NEEDED This is the thermo regulator relay that controls the AC. This was disconnected. AC compressor clutch was wired separately with a switch to keep the AC working. I want to test this relay and use this. Because the wiring is badly hacked, I'm lost not knowing where these wires connect to. Please help me with connecting this properly. My mechanic wants to toss this away and use a manual thermostat. Google didn't help finding wiring diagram.
  10. varotone

    Project Moggie - Disassemble Body Parts

    Please drop me a PM if you found a place to buy vintage hubcaps.
  11. varotone

    Recirculating condemned cars

    The CR has the details of the latest 3 previous owners and the current owner including the dates of transfer. If an insurance company or leasing company has owned the car for a short time, it's can be suspected to be a condemned car. This must be easy to find out. I'm quite sure that such a badly damaged vehicle will show signs of damage. Especially newer ones with crumple zones. Mechs here would do a lousy job. I don't think the book was swapped as @iRagesaid. If the book was swapped, the registration number would be different from the one that was condemned. Digging the history of the car from the current number will not reveal the accident that happened under a different (old) number. I may be wrong. The car sales crooks might have a way to get it done. Also, there are plenty of "ghost" books in circulation. Once a vehicle is totally destroyed (like written off) the registration should be cancelled. At least, that's the law. Literally no one does it. Quoting the DMT; "In case a registered motor vehicle is removed from Sri Lanka, or destroyed or has been dismantled or rendered unusable permanently, the registered owner should inform the Commissioner General of Motor Traffic within 14 days, for the cancellation of its registration"
  12. varotone

    Project Moggie - Disassemble Body Parts

    Nice to see your project. Wish you all the best!
  13. varotone

    Engine Braking

    Are the holes in the rims designed to draw air in to cool the brakes? I thought they are to save the cost of materials and reduce the weight, and rotational inertia. I've also seen many rims without holes or tiny holes.
  14. varotone

    Engine Braking

    I don't understand how to use engine braking in traffic. May be in light-to-light traffic where there's traffic before the traffic lights but not after. You can accelerate when it turns green and instead of slamming the brakes when the next light is red, you can use engine braking. Ride will be smooth. (Boring if the car is under powered) Engine braking is essential in mountainous terrain. Coasting in neutral or with clutch depressed in haputale-beragala is calling for disaster. If you slow down the car only with the brakes, brakes might have already failed due to heat when you want to come to a stop. When engine braking, rotation of the crankshaft compresses the air and energy is dissipated as heat. No fuel is consumed. Your battery is charged and ac works basically without burning fuel. You don't get this if you coast downhill. Also, engines are built to dissipate heat. Brakes are not. (Except for performance cars with brake ducts). Engine braking is essential.
  15. varotone

    ## Post Whoring - Part 3 ##

    Convertible hiace with a pie oven