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  1. Well, I'm looking at the Mazda CX5 and given this particular vehicle, I won't be taking it off road. So my main concern is whether on demand AWD will help handling and driving in rainy weather. Also, I'm sure there's not much different between AWD and 2WD variants of this vehicle, except for weight and fuel consumption
  2. The vehicle I'm thinking about has an "on demand" system. Not full time awd
  3. but having all wheel drive just increases fuel consumption and weight,
  4. Is all wheel drive worth the money in Sri Lanka? These systems really make a difference in the snow but we don't have any of that in our little island paradise. However, we do have lots of rain and dirt/gravel roads. Will AWD provide any advantage in Sri Lankan conditions?
  5. ibba

    Audi Q5 - what's it like?

    Oh..haha. shoulda known.
  6. ibba

    Audi Q5 - what's it like?

    Thanks. What's P'watta?
  7. ibba

    Audi Q5 - what's it like?

    Thanks for all your replies.. resale value isn't really a huge priority as I hope to keep this vehicle for a long time.. (heh heh) Umm.. how costly? How much would a set of brake pads be for example? Any Audi owners here?
  8. ibba

    Audi Q5 - what's it like?

    Thanks..I was considering the 2017 Q5 , 2.0 Liter petrol (on the permit). What about the local agents though?
  9. Hi guys.. I am thinking about getting à new SUV and the Audi Q5 is a possibility. It generally receives positive reviews in foreign countries but I'd like to know what it's like to own one in Sri Lanka. Are spare parts (brake pads etc.) expensive / available? Are the agents any good? And are the vehicles actually reliable?